Digital Dexterity

Sometimes I really need to be careful. At the end of my work day this evening, at the same time I had Julie on chat, Eloise and Cassandra on text, and Bella and Ronnie emailing me back and forth. I had to watch not only my words, but my fingers too. Usually it never happens like this. Most of them live hundreds, even thousands of miles apart. Only Cassandra knows about all the others. But of course she didn’t know I was having a conversationĀ  with anyone else, let alone 4 other women at the same time.

But you can never have too much of a good thing(s).


4 thoughts on “Digital Dexterity

      • The description fits me perfectly… Bright eyes, blond long curls. I drove him crazy. Always challenged him. I saw right through him. I knew his ways, he hated that.
        He wanted me to let him in, I couldn’t.
        When I finally did it was toxic. A falling domino effect. I believed to him I was different then the rest, I still believe that yet I would never be able to give him my all.
        Every post about Cassandra I can relate to.


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