It’s Nice When They Appreciate (Part I)

I have fond memories of Marcie. It probably could have lasted longer if her over-the-top drinking didn’t finally get to me.

We certainly weren’t spring chickens. But I remember one night a few months into our dating when she came over after her weekly indoor tennis sessions. It was a work night and late. I had left the door open for her. I was asleep because I had been really tired myself after a prolonged workout session earlier in the evening.

I awoke as she came up the stairs and appeared in shadow at the bedroom’s doorway.

“Hi Darling”, she said

“Hi” I replied. “How was the match?”

“Good! I won again”.

“Terrific … congratulations!’

“Do you want me to come to bed right away? Or do you want me to shower first?” she asked.

“You can shower. But before you do, come in and say ‘hello’ ”

Good girl that she was, Marcie knew exactly what I wanted. I watched her approach the foot of the bed. The venetian blinds filtered the harsh street light, bathing her lithe body in a soft shadowy haze. Slowly and deliberately she stripped for me. Blouse, khaki shorts, front clasping bra, and panties.

“Sideways” I murmured. She knew I loved to see her naked profile, as her smallish but firm tits had an uplift, and her long nipples narrowed to hard points. And knowing I was intently watching her made them grow all the harder. I tossed the covers aside, letting her espy my naked torso with growing erection. I spread my legs. She moved up onto the bed and eased herself, kneeling, between them. I reached out and grabbed her shoulder length light brown hair and pulled her face to mine. Rough kissing ensued. My hand grabbed her left breast and squeezed, and not very gently. She softly moaned which was a signal to twist her hard nipple. The moaning increased as she faux moved away from my grasp. I gripped tighter and twisted, all the while still kissing her.

“Now suck me off” I ordered.

She moved back down the bed and as she lowered her head she was looking at me and smiling. Slowly she began licking my cock, from the base to the stem, ignoring the head. Then licked all around the base. Then flicked her tongue all the way up my shaft. And slowly stroked. After continuing like this for several minutes Marcie then slid my cock into her mouth and gently began to suck. Up and down, and in and out. She knew she was going to have me spurting any time soon.

“You know when I first met you, I didn’t like oral sex. I didn’t do it very much. Now, I can’t get enough of it”.

“Neither … can … I”, I gasped.

I could see her wink at me and then she increased both the tempo and her suction. By now I had my hands in her hair and my breathing was at the same pace as her bobbing head. Suddenly my hips thrust up and I released very hard into her mouth. As I grunted loudly Marcie kept on the pressure while swallowing repeatedly. I was at my limit but clearly she had no intention of stopping.

To be continued …

Read Part II here

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