Dreaming the Inevitable

I had a very graphic and sexy dream about Bella the other night. It seemed so real. When I woke up in the morning, the intensity of it startled me.

Bella and I were at one of our exotic locales. We came into the bedroom after an evening of pleasant wine drinking. Bella does love her red wine. After we got naked, she stretched out on the bed. I knew what she was wanting. I reached into the top drawer of the small bedside table and pulled out the silk scarves we had stashed there.

As we both smiled, I tied each of her outstretched limbs to the corners of the bed. (This had, of course, to be a dream, because Bella is only 5′ 3″, so there is no way her limbs would stretch that far … but I digress)

Once she was tied down I kneeled beside her and ogled her lithe, firm body. It must have been summer, because she was lightly tanned, golden in all the right areas, and white in all the wrong places. I softly ran my fingers along the length of her figure and felt her quiver under my touch. Her pert tits pointed straight up and the her long nipples looked to be very hard.

I leaned over and caressed the closer nipple. Then I softly took it into my mouth and gently sucked. And licked. And sucked some more. I heard a soft moan escape Bella’s lips. She does love me paying attention to her nipples.

I moved down and began gently kissing. First her ribcage and then down and over to her navel. My mouth inched down and brushed the soft curls of the top of her landing strip. Then my tongue eased into her slit and slowly pushed along the valley of her sex. She let out a soft whimper. As my pressure and speed increased, so did the sounds from her sweet lips. Licking and swirling my tongue as the tension in her legs heighened. Not used to regular sex, and certainly not to tender oral, I could tell Bella was soon to orgasm. Her hips began to buck and I heard a soft cry. I intensified the pressure on her clitoris and her legs and arms pulled against the silken scarves. My mouth rode the tiger as her pelvis shuddered to the sensation.

Then Bella settled into a peaceful state and I turned my body upwards. As I knelt above her beautiful face she parted her lips. My cock entered with a not too subtle push. I grabbed her by the hair, and pulling her head up, I vigorously began to face fuck her. Harder and harder. Faster and faster. The spit cascaded out of her lips as I began to get wilder. Quickly I neared my own ultimatum. I grunted fiercely as I pulled out of her mouth. Pumping my cock quickly with my right hand … once … twice… three times … I frantically spurted over her visage and coated her forehead, nose and open mouth.

She opened her deep brown eyes and looked up at me. “Thank you Baby” she whispered.


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