It’s Nice When They Appreciate (II)




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After I exploded in Marcie’s mouth, she wasn’t done. Not by a long shot. I still had my hands in her hair as her bobbing head slowed, and the suction on my cock eased. Her tongue ran up the length of my cock and around it, cleaning it totally, pressing her tongue on my throbbing head. The continuing sensation was indescribable. And unbearable, too. Marcie knew that as she began to slowly suck again. She was watching me hyperventilate and enjoying the pleasant torture she was putting me through.

“Go … take … your … shower”, I pleaded.

” I want to make sure you are hard when I come back”, she countered with an eye wink.

“Go!” I rasped out.

Her mouth released my cock, and she slid off the bed. A few seconds later I heard the shower start. I considered joining her. But I must have drifted off to sleep, because when I next was awake I could feel Marcie’s naked body snuggling up into mine.

“Mmmmm” I mumbled. At the same time I felt her hand reach down for my member. It was still hard and she began gently stroking me.

“Get up here”, I ordered as I put my hands under her armpits and pulled her up towards my face. Up she came and eased her pussy above my mouth. I lifted my tongue and began tickling her slit with it. Mmmmm. Delicious. Then I applied more pressure and moved my tongue inside and around. Marcie began softly moaning. Then she put her hands on the headboard and looked down at me smiling as I eagerly began to eat her pussy. This girl was  always quick with her orgasms, and tonight was not going to be any different. One quickly … then another … a third before she had recovered from the second. Marcie’s head was thrown back, and her moving pelvis rocked the bed. One of my hands moved up and cupped a breast. I roughly fondled it and squeezed the nipple between my fingers. All the while increasing the tempo of my licking and sucking and the pressure of my exploring tongue.

Marcie was never a quiet one. We made a good pair that way, because neither am I. Her moans became gasps which rapidly begat cries which morphed into pleas to stop. She must have cum a dozen shaking times by this point.

“Please. Please. Please Marty. I need to suck your cock … again. Please. Stop! Please” she begged. “I. Want. To. Suck. Your. Cock”

And with that she climbed down and slid down to my waist. As her mouth engulfed my cock once again, I knew very well, I had a good thing here. The more I realized it,  the harder I got. And the more I came.

I knew in the morning I would get my early fuck and two rounds of head. But this night as I nodded off to sleep smiling, I also knew it was time for Marcie and I to pick things up a notch in the near future.


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