A Weekend at the Cottage

dockOne summer I was still with Marcie, I rented a small cottage on a pristine, quiet lake. It was a hot, dry summer, and the weekends were most memorable.

Right at this moment, one Saturday night of a particular weekend springs to mind. We had driven out from the city on Friday night, and both of us were tired and cranky from the traffic-filled drive, which was on top of a miserable week at the office. That night there was time and inclination for only a drink or two, some dinner, and a blow job and quick fucking.

After some lovely morning sex we spent the rest of the morning in town doing errands and some shopping. Then early afternoon was some pleasant sunbathing on the dock accompanied by the requisite sampling of international brews. Marcie was an expert on hops and yeast varieties used in European beers and ales, and was always sampling several. And then we talked of our upcoming evening barbecue with the neighbors next door. The neighbors were providing the steaks, while we provisioned the wines and imported beers.

The evening next door went well. The steaks were well marbled, juicy and perfectly grilled. The conversation sometimes sparkled.  Marcie was well into her 7th or 8th libation  and I could tell she was getting into that state. We were sitting comfortably in painted Adirondack chairs. As the host and hostess attended to something in the kitchen, I lightly rubbed Marcie’s wrist on the chair arm beside mine. She turned her head and smiled.

“You will be totally dominated tonight my Love” I whispered. “We’ll leave shortly”.

Call it wishful thinking if you want, but I was certain I could feel her pulse quicken as she looked into my eyes and sweetly sighed.

Not too long later we bid our hosts good evening and walked the short bit to our cottage. Straight upstairs to the master bedroom, with Marcie shedding clothing as she wobbily ascended the stairs, until she was completely naked at the bedroom door.

“In front of the mirror … kneel!”  I ordered. As Marcie dropped to her knees I went and turned on the bedside light so I could watch her. She was kneeling on a small carpet (placed there for just that purpose) in front of a full length mirror on the wall. Marcie knew  I wanted her reflection sideways in the mirror. I came back and stood in front of her. Looking up into my eyes, she slowly undid my belt and pulled down my khaki shorts and underwear and began to take me deep into her mouth. She slurped with vigor. I watched her work from both directions … from above, and a side view through the mirror. I find a blowjob is always more erotic when felt, listened to, and viewed from multiple angles.

After about 5 minutes, though the alcohol had probably blunted my need to cum,  I could feel an orgasm approaching. But I had other plans.   I quickly grabbed her by her shoulder length tawny hair and guided her to kneel beside the bed, face on the duvet. Then I pulled out her favorite pair of cuffs from the drawer of the bedside stand and shackled her hands behind her.

“Get up on the bed”, I sternly said.

“Yes, Marty”, she eagerly replied and pulled herself onto her side.

I climbed in beside her and kissed her first gently, then with more passion. I knew her cunt was dripping wet by this time, so there was no need and no inclination for foreplay. I began fucking her hard. She arched with each of my thrusts with her arms pinned behind her. She came once, twice, and then a third time, grunting more fiercely with each new orgasm.

As I felt myself again nearing completion I quickly pulled out of her pussy.  I moved up on Marcie’s face and stuck my cock into her waiting mouth.

“Taste it … taste me … taste us” I blurted.  Then as the pressure became unsustainable for me, I grabbed her hair tightly with one hand, and my cock with the other.  I pumped my cock once, then again and splurted hard all across her face and hair. I pumped some more and a second and third stream cascaded on to her face.

As I lay there panting and Marcie licked and sucked me clean, I knew sleep was not far away. I crawled back down and held her as she softly whimpered.

“Good girl” I whispered. “That was oh so very intense!”

We both fell asleep immediately, Marcie still cuffed and dripping with my semen.  Sometime later (a few hours?) I did wake up and removed Marcie’s cuffs. But the white crusts of ownership would stay until our morning shower.



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