lethargy-2[1]I have no ambition this week. No inclination to do anything. No incentives. Not even any inkling for womanizing. That really means something’s not right!

I am listless. Is it because of the months of personal turmoil? Or the weeks of restless sleeplessness? In the end, I guess it doesn’t matter does it?.


8 thoughts on “Lethargy

  1. This must be the week for tornado brain! I say take a nap, drink a beer, watch an old movie. Do something fun for yourself.

    I always think it matters…..I’m a chronic ‘why?’ asker. A determined problem solver. Then, I have to act on it. It’s probably not necessary to know why. However, what we think is how we feel, how we feel is how we behave. Simply adjust the thinking. Even if you don’t know why or don’t want to know why, it’s still possible to adjust your thinking. It’s not always an easy task, I know, but it’s doable.



  2. I think I know how to make Marty more inclined–by starting out reclined. We earthlings love to lean back and enjoy the ride… Just let me know and I’ll show you. 🙂

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