A Small Tribute to Grace, Brains, and Beauty

1024px-0033_Louvre_Venus_de_Milo[1]This post today is about me. Aren’t they all? It’s about how I learned something important for me about women. But I urge you to visit my blogging friend Michelle’s blog unblunder.com for a very good post about NOT being so selfish. And by the way you ought to follow Michelle if you don’t already. She has good stuff, every day.

Now for the post. It’s about the morbid stalker. Early this morning I received an email telling me an old school chum of mine had died. Beth. Beth and I were not close, and I haven’t seen her in several years. But I always considered her very special, and as I sat with damp eyes and thought about her this morning, I began to piece together some of the reasons why.

I started going to school with Beth just as I turned 12, and we were classmates from then right up to the end of high school. Beth had it all, beauty, brains, and class. She was arguably the smartest kid in the class in a room full of brainiacs. Her face would light up any room, with her wicked smile, and flashing eyes. I don’t ever remember seeing her angry and she was always friendly and had a good word for everyone.She wasn’t particularly athletic, but she had an athlete’s figure. I remember well her legs, long and slim but with great shape and lightly muscled. Probably a very good shot at the title of “Best Legs on a Woman Marty Has Ever Seen.” And in the summer her skin would bronze to a golden hue that was a treasure in its own way. In later years I would learn that her home life wasn’t so rosy. Yet she never let on that anything could be amiss. She just never let that interfere with her interactions with the world at large.

I never dated Beth. I was too shy to ever ask her out. From the first time I met her, I was paralyzed in her company. She just had that effect on me. Always. Though our interests were very different, I remember we had good debates on intellectual subjects. But beyond these type of discussions, Beth was too much of a goddess for me to approach. Even in later years I stumbled in her presence. Though she was never anything but kind and graceful in all situations.

What I realized this morning is that at 12, Beth showed me what I would always pursue in a woman. Beth exhibited what I would always deem crucial. Smarts, looks, class, and kindness to all. Beth was it. She was the first female I would see in that full spectrum. There are few created like her.



4 thoughts on “A Small Tribute to Grace, Brains, and Beauty

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. It’s a thoughtful and loving person that can evaluate the people that have had the most impact on their lives and recall those moments with fondness and respect. I humbly send my respect. xo


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