186xpd4v3xz9tjpg[1]Last night’s dinner was quite simple. It was simply delicious, too.

I was taken a bit aback when Boudicca’s husband invited me to be seated between them. How could I possibly not smile broadly while accepting?

Not only the dinner was delicious. But the view, too. Of Boudicca’s low cut top. It was quite the trip my eyes traveled last evening.. From her sparkling blue eyes, south to luscious lips and engaging smile, ending with gently heaving bosom. Take a breath, Marty. Repeat. Again. And again. Let the visual feast never end. How the thought of devouring her from head to toe is so very mouthwatering. Add our animated conversation concerning her latest battles royale, light touching, and the whole evening was … yes … delicious.

And when said husband explained to me that he uses the rule for womanizing of “no younger than half my age plus seven” you can imagine the lift my eyebrow took. What did that mean? All sorts of possibilities entered my head. Down boy!


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