Behind The Mask

It’s not that I believe in fate. And certainly not astrology. But there is most definitely some unnatural force involved in all this. I plainly can’t explain it. Clearly it was through chance I found you. And that you played along with me.

The mystery woman intrigued me. I love a good mystery, don’t you know? I could see you wore a mask to the world. But how much of the covering was disguise? How much protection?

It was getting behind the mask, and discovering what was hidden below the elaborate costume you weaved that had me so engrossed. But what captured your attention? How did I ever manage to be close, let alone pierce your elaborate armor and the multilayered shields you employ to guard your persona? The Nevada odds makers would never have taken that bet.

The ride we’ve had! No amusement park roller coaster, no state fair Ferris wheel, no alpine switchback road can compare to the torrents and droughts and undulations we have tracked through.

Why am I still here? Why are you? What magnetic force seals our inseparable connection so tightly?

And now? Now that I have examined underneath? Now I have seen what is behind the disguise? I have peered through this outfit, more elaborate than any Venice carnival costume. And I see it fits you like a glove. Yes, it hides the blemishes you want no one to know of. You who are the mistress of control. But I know your concealed Ins and Outs. Your inhibitions, your insecurities, your inside secrets, your intricate conspiracies, your indiscretions. Your outstanding talents, out facing demeanor, outside shifts, outsized dreams, outward confidence, outlandish vanity.

Today I know all this. There are no more disguises, no longer hiding who you are. What at first you buried and now we laugh at.

Yet despite all I know, there is still mystery. The mystery of the force that draws our engagement, drives us onward, ever closer, deeper in love, more to a one. The power beyond our own wills.

I do so love a good mystery.



8 thoughts on “Behind The Mask

  1. There are times I wish I did not read your posts. Tonight is one of those moments. Forgotten words, buried moments and deserted feelings keep me in a straight line. I run from the present as I have always done until it becomes my past. I move on when things have diminished to a point that I can never see them again. Your writings bring me back to a place that apparently hasn’t healed. Although I didn’t realize there was still a wound until this very moment. Deep within, suffocating under the dirt and ashes piled high is a faint flicker of light. I remain steady and focused subconsciously knowing if I allow that spark to grow I will find the flame out of control and for me it’s simply unacceptable. It took too long to put out.


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