Midweek Fantasizing

PF-ins-slideshow-p_1644834b[1]Me: I want you to run away with me

Her:  today?

Me: That would be perfect

Her:  well… how would you explain that to everyone?

Me: I’d claim memory loss

Her: lol

Me: But I wouldn’t forget a moment

Her: where shall we go?

Me: Anywhere will work. Where I can show you off. Then be alone with you

Her: well you’ll have to come up with a place. 🙂

Me: I can come up with thousands. Paris? Rome? Buenos Aires? I’m in a dream state this morning. How about Stockholm? I like Stockholm this time of year

Her: anywhere in Europe darling. Really…

Me: Perhaps a bit more exotic then. That suits you. I’m thinking St. Petersburg

Her: I’m looking up flights today to Paris.

Me: Ok. Paris is good. Just before St. Petersburg

Her: There’s an evening flight that is direct. We’d land at mid morning Paris time.

Me: You’ll be amazed at my fluency. I’ll teach you dirty French words. Then we can learn dirty Russian words together in St. Petersburg

Her: Yes. You can teach me so much.

Me: I’d like that

Her: I would too baby

Ok… this is awesome. Looks like there is a standard early evening Air France  flight to Paris that is direct every day.

Me: So Paris it is?

Her: Yes

For the first one.

It just seems pretty easy really.



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