Sea Waves [IV] Cassandra Visits and Addressing the “Nevers”

This is the next posting about Cassandra’s visit. If you need to refresh your memory go to Sea Waves [I], Sea Waves [II], and Sea Waves [III]

Cassandra had arrived!

I’m here. I’m in the room. Just set my stuff down. There is a flower! Marty. I came to see you

I knew she had as I had followed her flight and saw it had landed right on time. But because of previous unavoidable commitments I was going to be unable to see her until the next morning. I had prebooked a room at the airport for her since her flight was so late to arrive. I wasn’t very happy about it, but Cassandra fully understood and soothed my feelings about it, reassuring me it would only help build the excitement. Of course, she was correct. I barely slept that night.

Early the next morning as I prepared, I noticed how often I stopped breathing. I think this is an automatic calming system I have. Otherwise I tend to go into excitement overdrive, and that is definitely a no-no.

As I drove out to the airport my mind wandered. I desperately tried to focus, but the adrenaline rush was frustratingly blocking my mind’s ability to concentrate.

Here’s probably a good time to interject this minor factoid:

Cassandra and I had never met! For real. In person.

Yes, we were one of those on-line couples, who had carried on a relationship comprised of 1s and 0s, and the occasional telephone conversation. You could most definitely term us internet lovers and the one fact remained … we had never met … never touched each other. Never felt the other’s breath on our skin. Never whispered in the other’s ear. Never sensed that emotional vibration through physical presence.

As I approached the hotel my heart began to flutter. Parking the car, I again tried to settle myself down. I shut down the engine and noticed, once again, I wasn’t breathing. I quickly walked to the hotel lobby and hit the up button for the elevator. Right then I began to notice a change. My nervousness had disappeared. I felt almost … serene.

One other little thing I should mention. There is a significant age difference between Cassandra and me. Now, I am partial to younger women, I confess. Much younger. But with Cassandra, I am pushing the age difference envelope way out there. It’s a factor.  How big a factor this would really be, I was about to discover..

The elevator doors opened on her floor and I headed down to the end of the hall to her room. Though I had a key, I knocked. I was ready for the next wave. It promised to be a big one

I didn’t have long to wait.



Sea Waves [III] Cassandra Visits

Because of other personal commitments and 5 days traveling I have left this story hanging. Time for the next chapter in the upcoming visit of Cassandra. For a refresher see here: Part [I]  and Part [II]

I’m leaving work now. On. My. Way.

Right on time Cassandra texted me. OMG she was headed for the airport. This IS gonna happen.

Ok. At the airport. Through security. At the gate. Just waiting to board. Should board pretty soon.


I could feel all the tension that had been building over the weeks easing right down to my finger tips as I read and then typed back. Then shortly I saw:

On the plane. Told you I was coming.


The waves of excitement I had been feeling all this time had always been cruelly interspersed with apprehension, even worry that she would not come. Some factor would come in the way again. As it had twice before.

But now I felt relief. Calm. The acute apprehension was gone. The troughs of previous disappointments were erased. Now I could start, and feel the build of the wave of excitement.  I would be able to concentrate on all the things we had talked of over the past many months. The things we wanted from each other. The needs the other would fulfill.

The wave of joy was commencing.






Sea Waves [II]

This is part [II] of Cassandra’s upcoming visit. You can refresh your memory with part [I] here

I have booked an airport hotel room for Cassandra when she arrives. Her flight will be one of the last ones in. Alas, I can not meet it. I have one of those unavoidable life circumstances happening. I won’t be able to see her until sometime the next morning.

Since I could not be there in person to welcome her to my city, I thought I would be considerate and cache in the room some meaningful items for her:

— a splendid bottle of one of her favored white wines on ice

– some sparking water which she enjoys to refresh after the long flight

– a rose in her favorite color on the pillow to hint of my presence the next morning

All good in theory. But getting to the hotel is proving to be a significant challenge. My appointment at the extreme opposite end of the city went long. As in way, way long. Which caused me to be in the midst of rush hour traffic toward the hotel. And today’s rush hour was one of the worst in recent times what with volume, and accidents. And my next appointment is also far from the hotel.

The rabbits’ feet and horse shoes better start their magic … soon.


Sea Waves [1]

I tend to be a bit of a worrier. Actually, I have to be honest with you. That is far from correct. I worry about lots of things. It’s often a relief when I realize the sun has risen in the east today, right on schedule.

Cassandra is set to visit me. For the first time. She lives far away. So you can imagine what somersaults my brain is going through. No, I don’t think you can.  Planes can be delayed, flights cancelled, plans changed. unavoidable life issues can intrude. What other things might happen that I have forgotten? I worry about those things too; you know the things I don’t know about.

You might think I’m over dramatizing this. You probably don’t know that she’s had to cancel before. Twice. A third time would probably pretty much do me in.  I need her visit. I need it to happen.

Here’s to good luck happening. If you’re in my town, don’t be looking for any rabbits’ feet or horse shoes. There aren’t any. Somebody has bought up all available supplies. Apparently he has great need of them. .