Sea Waves [V] Cassandra Visits. We Meet!

This is another post about Cassandra’s visit. For a refresher or if you are a new reader here are the previous posts: Sea Waves [I], Sea Waves [II], Sea Waves [III], Sea Waves [IV]

The door opened. Wide. And there she was. I was transfixed. Frozen. With a wide schoolboy grin ear to ear.

I have never described Cassandra physically, though she does closely resemble the images I have posted. Her figure would make you fall out of your chair. And her face is quite simply, stunning. If the fleet that was launched to return Helen from Troy had known  Cassandra was back there on the shore, I guarantee it would have turned around.

All this I knew from pics and video chats. So I knew what to expect. I thought I was well prepared. I was not.

Milliseconds? … full seconds? … I don’t know how long I stood there at the doorstep to the room. I do know I visually drank her in … gray v-neck and black leggings offsetting her spectacular blonde mane, deep green eyes flashing up at me … my eyes seemingly parched for her classic beauty slaked their thirst to the maximum. But it could not have been long. I stepped over the threshold and wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly to my chest. She tucked in perfectly to my 6’+ frame, just like she always belonged there. So it seemed, right from the start. From that moment, everything was right. I could sense it; I felt it; I knew this.

I do know we held our tight embrace for several seconds. I took in the total feel of her against my body. And we murmured greetings and whispered lovers’ words. I ran my fingers lovingly through her tresses.  I needed to kiss her.  I did. Beginning softly along her slender neck, creating shivers in us both, then slowly, deeply, lips touching lightly at first, gradually more tender, then with more passion.

“Let’s go in, Darling” Cassandra cooed.  Arm in arm, wrapped tightly together we entered, walking through the L-shaped room to the parlor area. We embraced again, sighs emanating from both of us. We just stared at each other, wide smiles while mumbling incoherently about how her flight was, how we each had slept, how the traffic had been getting to the hotel that morning. Then we embraced again tightly. And kissed some more. With more passion, as if the extra lip pressing would wipe away the time that had accumulated waiting to meet.

Then we ordered breakfast from room service. Bacon and eggs, scrambled, whole wheat toast, and orange juice and coffee. How more mundane can it be? But, of course, it wasn’t.  It arrived surprisingly quickly. And it was as far from mundane as you could ever imagine. The conversation continued, but with more special topics. More warmth. more ease. More it has always been thus.  Things just began to fall into place, so correctly, so naturally. We were so relaxed. In no way did this resemble a first ever meeting. As we sat across from each other at our improvised breakfast table, as I looked at her, inhaled her beauty and natural intelligence, I was overcome with what I can only call pure pleasure. And with that pleasure,  I lost the ability to speak momentarily. I could only stare, and listen.

We had promised each other there would be no pressure. No requirements. No need to try and fulfill the other’s desires or fantasies. Sex was likely not to happen.  And I believe we were each fine with that scenario. As we finished our breakfast, Cassandra pulled us to the bed. For more embracing and kissing.

I could feel a giant wave of built up emotion and long term longing about to crash over me.

This would be a test.


4 thoughts on “Sea Waves [V] Cassandra Visits. We Meet!

  1. Yes!! You two meet! And what a beautiful meeting. It’s wonderful that the meeting felt relaxed and natural. After all the waiting, this was a wonderful meeting for the first time.

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