That “Missing You” Thing

jay-2[1]Cassandra and I live many hundreds of miles apart, so the opportunity to actually be with one another is a luxury that will not happen often. Like most long distance love affairs today, we try to fill the hole with emails, phone calls, pictures and most often texting. We text back and forth constantly. Yet with busy lives, even these modern communication methods, though they work very well,  can be hard to fit in.

This is such a week. Cassandra has an incredible amount of stuff to get done this week, and constant texting with Marty is just not on. And our phone call this morning didn’t happen (my issue). I am one who likes to communicate a lot. This was something Cassandra really wasn’t used to when we initially started to become close. But now she is as dependent on it as I am.

I have this 9 second video she did for me a few months ago. It’s in black and white.  It’s a close up of her stunningly beautiful face, and then she mouths the words “I love you”, while staring straight into the camera. Then her big, round eyes slowly close and open. The vid finishes with her 1,000 watt smile for me. So in the absence of a high degree of direct communication this week, her little video is on almost constant replay. I’m just waiting for the part of the drive where it’s stored to send me a text message …  C’mon Man, how many times are you gonna replay this? Really! You’re wearing me out!

The one good part is that it gives me time to reflect. On what she means to me. It reminded me of this old song I like.


6 thoughts on “That “Missing You” Thing

  1. Maybe next time you two are together you can get a Vimeo (short replaying vid) and that will give your first video (and hard drive) a little break. Plus it would be nice to have a second moving image of her, no?


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