The Summer

I have been thinking about this post for some time. I’m rather a slow thought processor these days. In any case, my post was inspired by Gardener. Specifically this post. It was indeed a wonderful summer for me.

From my window I watch the dark oak leaves swirl in their descent to the lawn. The yellow hued maples beyond the oak cling tightly to their leaves as they deftly sway in the coolish breeze. I day dream a bit, thinking about this summer past. What it has meant to me.

This most recent winter was my worst in memory. No need to go into detail. More than one incident drained me of all joy to life. I hadn’t felt such despair in decades. And it was all safely corked inside. Not an outward sign of the inner turmoil coursing through my veins.

The weather across the North East was bad! it was the harshest winter we have had in a long time, and we never got a break in the cold. This didn’t help the bleakness I felt. I had had a European trip planned which I knew would help ease some of my turmoil, but that had to be cancelled because of other considerations. Luckily I had exchanges with many of my women which did help keep spirits up.

But time crawled on. Eventually spring did arrive, albeit late and slowly. And as the buds, then leaves began to appear on the bushes and trees, a love returned to my world and life.  At first hesitantly, then with more vigor, later completely and committed.

The summer was bright and beautiful in all its givings. Its memories will endure. I will never forget this summer. How could I?

And now autumn is here. The hot sun and humid evenings have given way to less intense heat and cooler breezes. But the late evenings have become chill.

There is no question. This glorious summer in my life is quickly winding down. It will soon be but a wonderful memory. But the fall is no downer … emotionally I’m just as high.

Certainly there are changes in the offing.  There is no stopping the seasons. The tides roll in as long as the moon circles the earth. Time does not relent.

Relationships must not stagnate.


The Problem Here …

lingerie%20women%20bar%20refaeli%20monochrome%20greyscale%201920x1200%20wallpaper_www.wallpaperto.com_74[1]The other night I was at the pub with a few friends celebrating a birthday (not mine!). Bella was there, and as is usual, Boudicca and her husband arrived late to the table.

Boudicca gave me a warm hug as her husband seated himself next to me, then she beside him.  As she bent over to embrace me, naturally I had a prime view of her lusting breasts. Though dressed casually, she was in magazine-cover looking form.

As soon as Boudicca sat down, I noticed the two mid level buttons undone on her blouse. I clearly could see her tits pushing at the constraints on her black mini bra. Now both Boudicca and Bella are women supremely confident in their looks, but also the kind who pay meticulous attention to detail on all aspects of their appearance.  Unclasped buttons do not just happen on women such as these.

Throughout the evening Bella eyed me and tossed her full, dark mane from side to side several times when she had caught my eye. She knows I adore this.

What exactly is the problem here, then? Apparently I am the problem! I paid both of them scant attention. And clearly they were looking for some. These are two of my favorites. Both stunning lookers.

I must have issues.




I Guess I Exceed Expectations

Cassandra and I were chatting the other night about the days spent when we first met in person a few months ago. How surprised she had been at the number of times and the intensity of her squirting. She was not expecting that.

I didn’t walk until I was 18 months old. I had never even taken a step when one evening, my parents were entertaining, and I was playing on the floor in the center of the living room. My mom and dad were apparently lamenting to their guests my lack of mobility progress. And wouldn’t you know it, as if to prove them liars, I proceeded to stand up, and run across the room into the arms of my very surprised mother

I guess I’ve always liked being low key and unexpectedly exceeding the expectations of women important in my life.

Mid Week Fantasizing [VII] – These Boots Are made For …

I love seeing what Cassandra wears, and often she will send me a selfie of the day’s attire. The other day she was dressed in a conservative grey business dress,  set off with a contrasting red scarf. But what made it for me was that she was sporting a pair of slinky black boots. As a red blooded All American boy, I love beautiful women in slinky black boots. I especially love my woman in slinky black boots.

Me: You should wear those boots while I take you from the rear. The angle will be so good. And the view perfect.

Her: As long as I don’t kick.

Me: And why would you kick?

Her: Mmmm. Depending on how hard you thrust.

Me: Oh, it would be VERY hard. But I’ll bear it in mind.  I think the boots are worth the risk.

Her: Ok. Then boots it is! Use at own risk.

Nice Kitty

It can happen without my realizing. My women take advantage of me. I do work hard to keep them happy, encouraging them, trying to take care of them, attempting to give them what they want, what I think they need. And I can even enjoy their petulance and changes of mind.

And then it happens. They look at the beautiful tiger lying there all relaxed in the sun, absorbing the warmth of the radiance they give off, seemingly placid and complacent.

“Nice kitty” I hear them say.

I gave one a swat yesterday.

Bella ticked me off last week, too. She and one of her men took advantage of my good nature and willingness to help her.  I owe her.

It’s a good thing Cassandra is in a better place this week.

Midweek Fantasizing [VI] – Fireflies


I day dreamed this yesterday

We walk into the hotel room. Though we are both tired from the long day, the fatigue does not dull our sense of excitement. It has been several weeks since we have seen and held each other, and we crave reconnection.

As we tenderly kiss, our hands instinctively roam the other’s body. I hear, and feel her sighing, reflecting the day’s travel weariness yet simultaneously being uplifted by the pleasure of being held and touched, and anticipation for what will surely follow.

I walk her across the room to the floor to ceiling window, curtains open, overlooking a stunning cavalcade of bright lights many stories below, 200 yards in the distance. She gasps at the miracle sight surrounded by and within the illumination.  From the darkness of our room it’s as if a hundred million fireflies announce the celebration of our reunion.

Facing the window, Cassandra slowly undresses, until finally naked, she moves to the window and presses herself against it. Warm flesh meets glass chilled by bitter late night autumn air. Nipples on heavy breasts are quick to point then harden as they are pinned to the cold pane.

She turns her beautiful face to the side to look at me. She smiles broadly.

“This is so amazing to behold” she whispers.

Transfixed by her beauty I can only look at her and say in return “Yes, it surely is.”

This I Believe


I’m not sure if my face gave away my astonishment. Or the purity of my pleasure. I know I smiled. Very likely grinned, ear to ear. And I probably held my breath. Often with her, when she enraptures me, I just stop breathing.

Looking into my eyes with her olive green ones as I was holding her, she said it so matter-of-factly.  We hadn’t said anything to each other for a few moments. We were lying there, savoring the warmth, pleasure, and feel of each other. I remember breathing in the scent of her beauty, if that makes any sense at all. It does to me, because I absorb her allure, grace, and vitality with all my senses intertwined. I can feel her touch through my eyes, I notice her moods with my hearing, I can listen forever to the joy in her voice as its vibrations play across my skin.

Ours is certainly a different love. Many would not approve. But obviously, we don’t give a rat’s ass fuck what others think. Our love was meant to happen. How it did only confirms that, in my mind.

However we end up, in whatever way things eventually shake out, should the road ever end, this little bit of history that is ours will always have happened. And mattered.

“I’ve never loved any man the way I love you”

I’m choosing to believe this.

The Gift

tumblr_ljxl96x4zZ1qzabkfo1_500[1]I watched her as she walked around to the foot of the bed. She said nothing, but I knew. Even in the dimness, she glowed. The light always graces her inherent beauty. We had already made love twice this evening, once slightly rough from the rear, and once more gently from the side. In between we had gone out to dinner and laughed and smiled, let down our hair.

I knew what she wanted. I knew what she was after. I knew what she was getting. Cassandra returned, stretched across the king-sized bed, and softly spread lube over my erection.

“You’re ready right now?” I asked.

“Yes, very ready” she answered.

She had never done “that” before. For many years never would even consider it. For all the obvious reasons. Now she wanted it. With me. Have me be her first. And this I wanted, too. I very much craved it with her.

Our whole relationship is deepening so quickly over such a short time span. A woman who less than a year ago was completely unable to give me the slightest commitment to literally anything, now commits totally, unprodded, unpushed. If I think about the dramatic changes in her I can be overwhelmed.

She lay down in front of me and pressed close. I slid my cock along her ass cheeks, then gently poked.  I pushed the head in carefully, ever so slightly.

I asked about pain. There was none. I pushed in more. Still no discomfort. In further … slight pain. I withdrew some. Then eased deeper again. Always pressed close to her, arm wrapped tightly around her. I could feel her. She surprised me. She was so relaxed, no tenseness at all. I hoped she could feel my love in return.

“I’m in all the way, Baby. Are you alright?”

“Mmmm yes Darling. It’s wonderful. There’s no pain. You feel fantastic.”

I slowly began fucking her, pumping tenderly. Then the pace increased. I held her tightly. I was moving in and out purposefully, deliberately. The deeply sublime sensations flooding both body and mind. My grunts quickened, her moans increased.

“Cum in me! Cum in me Darling! Please, cum in me!”

My head thrown back, my breathing furious, I was so close. I felt her clench around me.

I exploded in her.

We lay quietly. Though it was mere moments, I knew it was lasting. I tried to absorb the impact, my heart racing to the duality, the physical, and the intensity of emotions I was experiencing. And what I knew she was feeling. The depth of the gift. The meaning. The closeness of Two. The Oneness of us.

I suspect I will be the Only for some time.