I Guess I Exceed Expectations

Cassandra and I were chatting the other night about the days spent when we first met in person a few months ago. How surprised she had been at the number of times and the intensity of her squirting. She was not expecting that.

I didn’t walk until I was 18 months old. I had never even taken a step when one evening, my parents were entertaining, and I was playing on the floor in the center of the living room. My mom and dad were apparently lamenting to their guests my lack of mobility progress. And wouldn’t you know it, as if to prove them liars, I proceeded to stand up, and run across the room into the arms of my very surprised mother

I guess I’ve always liked being low key and unexpectedly exceeding the expectations of women important in my life.

10 thoughts on “I Guess I Exceed Expectations

  1. I am guessing I need to find out where the local alien market is so I can get my own!

    Your blog is the same way though…I just can’t stop myself from coming back for a smile, giggle, and a shake of my head at the antics of my favorite Martian!

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