The Problem Here …

lingerie%20women%20bar%20refaeli%20monochrome%20greyscale%201920x1200%20wallpaper_www.wallpaperto.com_74[1]The other night I was at the pub with a few friends celebrating a birthday (not mine!). Bella was there, and as is usual, Boudicca and her husband arrived late to the table.

Boudicca gave me a warm hug as her husband seated himself next to me, then she beside him.  As she bent over to embrace me, naturally I had a prime view of her lusting breasts. Though dressed casually, she was in magazine-cover looking form.

As soon as Boudicca sat down, I noticed the two mid level buttons undone on her blouse. I clearly could see her tits pushing at the constraints on her black mini bra. Now both Boudicca and Bella are women supremely confident in their looks, but also the kind who pay meticulous attention to detail on all aspects of their appearance.  Unclasped buttons do not just happen on women such as these.

Throughout the evening Bella eyed me and tossed her full, dark mane from side to side several times when she had caught my eye. She knows I adore this.

What exactly is the problem here, then? Apparently I am the problem! I paid both of them scant attention. And clearly they were looking for some. These are two of my favorites. Both stunning lookers.

I must have issues.





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