The Summer

I have been thinking about this post for some time. I’m rather a slow thought processor these days. In any case, my post was inspired by Gardener. Specifically this post. It was indeed a wonderful summer for me.

From my window I watch the dark oak leaves swirl in their descent to the lawn. The yellow hued maples beyond the oak cling tightly to their leaves as they deftly sway in the coolish breeze. I day dream a bit, thinking about this summer past. What it has meant to me.

This most recent winter was my worst in memory. No need to go into detail. More than one incident drained me of all joy to life. I hadn’t felt such despair in decades. And it was all safely corked inside. Not an outward sign of the inner turmoil coursing through my veins.

The weather across the North East was bad! it was the harshest winter we have had in a long time, and we never got a break in the cold. This didn’t help the bleakness I felt. I had had a European trip planned which I knew would help ease some of my turmoil, but that had to be cancelled because of other considerations. Luckily I had exchanges with many of my women which did help keep spirits up.

But time crawled on. Eventually spring did arrive, albeit late and slowly. And as the buds, then leaves began to appear on the bushes and trees, a love returned to my world and life.  At first hesitantly, then with more vigor, later completely and committed.

The summer was bright and beautiful in all its givings. Its memories will endure. I will never forget this summer. How could I?

And now autumn is here. The hot sun and humid evenings have given way to less intense heat and cooler breezes. But the late evenings have become chill.

There is no question. This glorious summer in my life is quickly winding down. It will soon be but a wonderful memory. But the fall is no downer … emotionally I’m just as high.

Certainly there are changes in the offing.  There is no stopping the seasons. The tides roll in as long as the moon circles the earth. Time does not relent.

Relationships must not stagnate.



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