The Two-Way Present

I gave Cassandra a special gift for her birthday some time ago. Though she didn’t know it, she even selected the basics for it. It was a very personalized present, and I enjoyed coming up with the idea, and then getting it to her.

She loved the present which was quite satisfying. But here’s the best part. It’s in a place where she sees it every single day. And everytime she sees it and smiles, she thinks of me!

I couldn’t think of a better present to myself.

10 thoughts on “The Two-Way Present

  1. *sigh* he and I can’t exchange physical gifts. not obviously anyway. so when he sends me a link to a song or perhaps shows up with my favorite fruit and some crackers because he knows i’m still ill from the flight, i cherish them. Cassandra is blessed to have a crazy martian like you indeed πŸ˜‰

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