From Us to You

At this time of your year, I can only think of two things to say to you wonderful people who visit here …

From everyone on the Red Planet

-space-art-red-planet--fresh-hd-wallpaper[1]To all you very special people on that marvelous Blue Planet of yours

Earth Globe

May you all have Peace in your lives and Good Health to carry you forward

— Marty

Last Night … Sigh …

Last night I did a heavy duty workout with some friends. Then, as friends do, we went for a heavy duty drink afterwards.

I received this text from Cassandra later in the evening.

I’m in bed. So tired.

I hit the wall Baby.

I would love you to be beside me.

Touching me.

Pampering me.

I love you so much.

You make things so simple.

Wouldn’t that have been so very nice!

Whither Shall We Go?

“The Road goes ever on and on

down from the door where it began.

  Now far ahead the Road has gone,

and I must follow, if I can,

  pursuing it with eager feet,

until it joins some larger way

  where many paths and errands meet.

And whither then? I cannot say.”

– J.R.R. Tolkien

We are unfinished. We are a work in progress.

I know what I know. I feel what I feel.

We are what we are. You show what you will.

The ghosts linger.

I will not fight them.

Whither now?

Mid Week Fantasizing (X) — Of Opposite Poles and Dichotomies

This isn’t exactly fantasizing. It did happen this past summer. But as I awoke with a very hard erection this morning, thoughts of the hotel room came flooding back. Pay it Forward at Joyce Gordon Gallery backside of flier For well more than an hour she had had an orgasm every several seconds. No more than 15 to 20 seconds apart for 60+ minutes. I had fed her voracious need with my cock, my tongue, her vibrator, and for the longest time, my fingers and hand. Four fingers worked best. Pressing her g-spot firmly sent her over the precipice and usually meant a warm, powerful gush into my open palm.  I was falling deeply for her as I studied her face the whole time. I spoke softly to her, I whispered my love in her ear.

There were no words back, only slight nods in acknowledgement, the pleasure too numbing.  Placid, classic beauty shifted through the seconds into a wanton, needing goddess of the feminine divine. She arched, she contorted, her green orbs rolled back. The slightly parted lips revealing the pearls of her teeth rounded into a perfect “O” before the animal groan to her climax. The off white hotel room’s walls surely were over the saturation point absorbing the flood of orgasmic grunts. While one hand pressed in her pussy, my other would gently enclose her slim neck, or circle and tweak her erect nipples. Fingers lovingly stroked her cheek and then could slide down  and brush along her abdomen and drop to fondle along the inside of a thigh. Each light touch of my hand stoked the embers of ecstasy that coursed through her body.

At last my own wantonness began to return. I could feel the hardness happening. I half chuckled at nature’s perversity, the female’s ability to orgasm almost continuously when lovingly stimulated contrasted to the male’s requirement to regroup and refresh.

I told her to get on her hands and knees. She complied without a word and languidly, turned and raised herself.  I moved her to the side of the bed. As I felt her soft skin along the length of her back and my fingers caressed her upturned ass, I thought of the contrast she would be feeling as my steel like erection would enter her. I forewarned of the abrupt change with a quick, hard push down on her back, driving her head into the pillow.

I grabbed her arms and clasping her wrists with my left hand, I pinned them behind her back and jammed her down harder with my right.  Then using my right to guide, I slowly entered her dripping, waiting pussy. I heard … I felt … her gasp. Pumping slowly into her, my erection was stiffening like mad, as though I hadn’t already cum hard several times earlier.

The room held nothing but contrasts. Dim natural light slipping between darkened curtains shadowing the white lovers’ bodies. The young, beautiful, soft and nubile … the old, hard and grizzled. The warm … the cold. The south … the north.

I watched my reflection in the grey glass of the picture across the room. Taut torso, bending backward before each thrust. The act, a physical need as old as the beginning of the species, yet the emotional bond as deep as the human soul can dive. How can these polar opposites possibly attract? How can a momentary union connect and bond two so disparate creatures together perpetually as one?

Her breathing moved up tempo, her moaning intensified. I could feel her as she clenched around my hardness. Cries and gurgling were pushing me to the edge. As I continued to hold her wrists tightly, the walls suddenly echoed with her shout as she came hard.  Two, maybe three, probably four pumps later I, too cried out savagely. I held her, releasing her wrists, with one arm around the front of her body, my head resting gingerly on her back. More whispers in her ear. Then we decoupled, her head safely cached upon my shoulder.

Sweet, soft words and tender grasps and touching. I kissed her forehead, and then her lips Her breasts begged for my hands, her nipples my fingers. The touching commenced anew. The embers inside began to glow. This goddess was far from sated.

I knew four fingers would work best.

Fuck Toy Mea Culpa – Penny the Nurse (Part 2)


If you missed it, or are interested, or would like a refresher on Penny, here is (Part 1)

I was pretty much on pins and needles the rest of the work week. This was, of course, way before the internet. The world had no such in-house detective known as Google. I really had no idea what to expect. And what was expected. It had been a while since a beautiful woman had approached me so directly, so I was feeling pretty contented with myself all of a sudden.

Now for some quick news bytes. I really don’t remember the date at all. What movie we saw, if we had a drink afterward. That date is a complete black hole in my mind. Neither the conversation that ensued during the evening, nor what happened as we said good night.

I can already sense the disappointment in your minds, dear readers. After the buildup, nothing? Yup. And that’s only the beginning. We dated for perhaps 6 weeks. I don’t know what got into me.

Penny was probably the worst fuck of my life. No the opposite of life. She was absolutely lifeless. When I hear men talk of women who are cold fish in bed, I think they must have been with Penny. It was near impossible to get her out of missionary. And suck my cock? Well, yes. But not eagerly. Reluctantly would be the charitable term.

At first I was confused. How could this apparently outside the bedroom reasonably aggressive woman be a slab of cold flesh in the bedroom? In the beginning, I chalked it up to lack of experience. And surely that was part of it. But that didn’t explain the absence of any fire. I could get her to cum, but only once at a time. Then she would practically shut down. I know she liked me. Quite a lot, actually.

I decided to take it upon myself to bring Penny “along” so to speak. And have fun myself. It would be a win-win situation. She would get some needed education that would serve her well in the future, and I was going to end up with a beautiful (albeit rather skinny) fuck toy for my amusement. Inflated ego or what?

For the next month or so, 4 or 5 nights a week, I went to Penny’s, or she came to my apartment. I fucked her consistently. Hard. I put her in every position imaginable. Her hands were bound. She got to sample blindfolds. Her skinny ass was spanked. She was instructed how I wanted my cock sucked, and she practised several times every night. I taught her how to look up apparently lovingly from her knees with those deep brown eyes of hers. She was indeed submissive, but not a very enthusiastic one. She wanted sex, but didn’t crave it to any degree. Didn’t crave anything. She was actually a turn off in bed for me. I had never experienced anything like this before, and happily, have not since.

Once I realized progress wasn’t being made, I started to feel guilty. I knew I had no emotional attachment to this women. I stayed around firstly, because she was singularly beautiful. When we walked down the street, we drew lots of attention. I fed on that. Secondly, I was amused to have her. But I quickly grew bored. There was a zero connection, and even with great sexual chemistry, without the emotional attachment I really had no long term interest in the relationship. Here there certainly was no sexual connection. She had to go.

And she did. I tried to be gentle. But it wasn’t received that way. I hurt her. I’m not very proud of my actions, or lack of feeling.

It also hammered into my head that I do not like skinny women as sexual partners. I love my women with curves. That I can follow with my eyes and my hands.

So be forewarned.

Fuck Toy Mea Culpa – The Nurse (Part 1)

keira-knightley[1]“Hello” I answered the telephone. It was about 7:30 pm on a very warm late August Monday evening.

I was feeling pretty good with myself. I had just exited the shower following a very good workout. I had attacked the hill on which my apartment was perched with incredible vigor. I had also started a brand new job a few weeks earlier and was really getting into it. Life was beginning to show some sparkly spots after a depressing previous 4 months. I was beginning to get back to my more normal Master of the Universe frame of mind.

“May I speak to Marty, please?” came the sweet voice on the other end of the line.

“This is Marty.” And Marty was suddenly very curious.

“Oh, hi. I don’t know if you remember me, but this is Penny. We met a couple of weeks back. I was the nurse that looked after you in the clinic when you came in for your new job physical.”

Did I remember her? Wow, did I ever!. Think Keira Knightley with a bob cut. But a little prettier. But skinnier. Huge brown eyes that stare right up at you. A smile that was wide and irresistible. That was Penny the Nurse. Gulp. I especially remember the smile and the brown eyes looking up. She had guided me to a scale to record my weight. As I slipped off my shoes, I noticed my right big toe was exiting my sock. So did Penny. The embarrassment!

But wait! Why was she calling me at home in the evening? Did she have test results back?  Bad ones? Oh no, that threesome I had had a few weeks before with those two women from Tennessee was showing up in my blood work? Damn! I knew it had been too easy. Now I wondered if it had been worth it.

Nurse Penny stuttered a bit … “I … don’t …  know … how to say this.”

“I knew it!” I thought. “Yes?” I mumbled.

“Well, I’m … just … following … up”.

Here we go, I thought. That’s what this is! How many(!) diseases did they give me? So much for the Master of the Universe.

“I don’t know how to say this” she stumbled.

“It’s ok Penny. Just tell me please” I burst out in near frustration.

“Alright.” I heard her take a deep breath. “I find you very attractive. Would you like to go out Friday night? Maybe see a movie? And then a drink?”

Whaaatt? She’s asking me out on a date. This oh so hot nurse!  Did I just win the lottery? I think I did!

This is the the beginning of my discussion of women that I considered Fuck Toys.  I will be writing more about Penny the Nurse. For a quick review of what inspired this post, see here



Sometimes They Come Out of the Woodwork

steps[1] Descending the staircase yesterday evening in the small business building where I spend my days, I passed a woman as she was walking up. About 3 steps later I heard …

“Hey Marty! How are you? It’s Susannah!”

I hadn’t really paid attention as we had passed, my mind reviewing the problems of the day just finishing.

“OMG Susannah! How are you? I replied. She was also bundled up against the cold, in a high collared winter coat, and was sporting glasses. More reasons I hadn’t noticed.

“I’m great!” she smiled back.

Susannah had been my hair dresser many years ago. I can remember exactly when she last cut my hair, almost exactly 17 years ago. She had left the salon she was working in, and had started doing hair in the basement of her small home. She was a cute, leggy brunette that, as I fondly recollected,  always seemed to have a bit of a fancy for me.

“What are you doing here?” I queried.

“Oh, I’m here for an evening meditation.”

That struck a humorous chord in my addled brain. Sitting in her chair in her basement, I usually “meditated” about having her slip her face between my legs and sending me to another plane, if you know what I mean.

“I’ll have to phone ahead and drop in to see you the next time I have a session” Susannah said.

“For sure!” I replied.

I think I’ll meditate on this.