Fuck Toy Mea Culpa – The Nurse (Part 1)

keira-knightley[1]“Hello” I answered the telephone. It was about 7:30 pm on a very warm late August Monday evening.

I was feeling pretty good with myself. I had just exited the shower following a very good workout. I had attacked the hill on which my apartment was perched with incredible vigor. I had also started a brand new job a few weeks earlier and was really getting into it. Life was beginning to show some sparkly spots after a depressing previous 4 months. I was beginning to get back to my more normal Master of the Universe frame of mind.

“May I speak to Marty, please?” came the sweet voice on the other end of the line.

“This is Marty.” And Marty was suddenly very curious.

“Oh, hi. I don’t know if you remember me, but this is Penny. We met a couple of weeks back. I was the nurse that looked after you in the clinic when you came in for your new job physical.”

Did I remember her? Wow, did I ever!. Think Keira Knightley with a bob cut. But a little prettier. But skinnier. Huge brown eyes that stare right up at you. A smile that was wide and irresistible. That was Penny the Nurse. Gulp. I especially remember the smile and the brown eyes looking up. She had guided me to a scale to record my weight. As I slipped off my shoes, I noticed my right big toe was exiting my sock. So did Penny. The embarrassment!

But wait! Why was she calling me at home in the evening? Did she have test results back?  Bad ones? Oh no, that threesome I had had a few weeks before with those two women from Tennessee was showing up in my blood work? Damn! I knew it had been too easy. Now I wondered if it had been worth it.

Nurse Penny stuttered a bit … “I … don’t …  know … how to say this.”

“I knew it!” I thought. “Yes?” I mumbled.

“Well, I’m … just … following … up”.

Here we go, I thought. That’s what this is! How many(!) diseases did they give me? So much for the Master of the Universe.

“I don’t know how to say this” she stumbled.

“It’s ok Penny. Just tell me please” I burst out in near frustration.

“Alright.” I heard her take a deep breath. “I find you very attractive. Would you like to go out Friday night? Maybe see a movie? And then a drink?”

Whaaatt? She’s asking me out on a date. This oh so hot nurse!  Did I just win the lottery? I think I did!

This is the the beginning of my discussion of women that I considered Fuck Toys.  I will be writing more about Penny the Nurse. For a quick review of what inspired this post, see here



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