Fuck Toy Mea Culpa – Penny the Nurse (Part 2)


If you missed it, or are interested, or would like a refresher on Penny, here is (Part 1)

I was pretty much on pins and needles the rest of the work week. This was, of course, way before the internet. The world had no such in-house detective known as Google. I really had no idea what to expect. And what was expected. It had been a while since a beautiful woman had approached me so directly, so I was feeling pretty contented with myself all of a sudden.

Now for some quick news bytes. I really don’t remember the date at all. What movie we saw, if we had a drink afterward. That date is a complete black hole in my mind. Neither the conversation that ensued during the evening, nor what happened as we said good night.

I can already sense the disappointment in your minds, dear readers. After the buildup, nothing? Yup. And that’s only the beginning. We dated for perhaps 6 weeks. I don’t know what got into me.

Penny was probably the worst fuck of my life. No the opposite of life. She was absolutely lifeless. When I hear men talk of women who are cold fish in bed, I think they must have been with Penny. It was near impossible to get her out of missionary. And suck my cock? Well, yes. But not eagerly. Reluctantly would be the charitable term.

At first I was confused. How could this apparently outside the bedroom reasonably aggressive woman be a slab of cold flesh in the bedroom? In the beginning, I chalked it up to lack of experience. And surely that was part of it. But that didn’t explain the absence of any fire. I could get her to cum, but only once at a time. Then she would practically shut down. I know she liked me. Quite a lot, actually.

I decided to take it upon myself to bring Penny “along” so to speak. And have fun myself. It would be a win-win situation. She would get some needed education that would serve her well in the future, and I was going to end up with a beautiful (albeit rather skinny) fuck toy for my amusement. Inflated ego or what?

For the next month or so, 4 or 5 nights a week, I went to Penny’s, or she came to my apartment. I fucked her consistently. Hard. I put her in every position imaginable. Her hands were bound. She got to sample blindfolds. Her skinny ass was spanked. She was instructed how I wanted my cock sucked, and she practised several times every night. I taught her how to look up apparently lovingly from her knees with those deep brown eyes of hers. She was indeed submissive, but not a very enthusiastic one. She wanted sex, but didn’t crave it to any degree. Didn’t crave anything. She was actually a turn off in bed for me. I had never experienced anything like this before, and happily, have not since.

Once I realized progress wasn’t being made, I started to feel guilty. I knew I had no emotional attachment to this women. I stayed around firstly, because she was singularly beautiful. When we walked down the street, we drew lots of attention. I fed on that. Secondly, I was amused to have her. But I quickly grew bored. There was a zero connection, and even with great sexual chemistry, without the emotional attachment I really had no long term interest in the relationship. Here there certainly was no sexual connection. She had to go.

And she did. I tried to be gentle. But it wasn’t received that way. I hurt her. I’m not very proud of my actions, or lack of feeling.

It also hammered into my head that I do not like skinny women as sexual partners. I love my women with curves. That I can follow with my eyes and my hands.

So be forewarned.

21 thoughts on “Fuck Toy Mea Culpa – Penny the Nurse (Part 2)

  1. Ahhh Okay I feel bad for Penny not because she was hurt by the ending of your relationship but that she could not find enjoyment in the sex.

    I can’t imagine how it would feel to not have the cravings that I have, to feel the desire and arousal in my core, to need it as I need air. It must suck to look that hot and not be in touch with her sensual side.

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  2. Having been in a place where I allowed shame to hold me hostage and keep those feelings at bay, I can certainly sympathize with the “Plight of Penny.” Well, on the sexual/side not the skinny, beauty thing – LOL.

    I am forwarded!

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  3. And I meant “forewarned” – ha. It amazes me in hindsight how powerfully blinding shame was. You probably couldn’t have dug deeper even if you had been inclined.

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  4. What is fascinating/interesting to me is how compliant she was with you. I don’t get the sense that she was resistant to any of your “lessons”, so I don’t think she was asexual – particularly given the amount of sex you were having.

    What makes me chuckle, Marty, is that you are a typical guy in that even bad sex is better than no sex. This was sex between two consenting adults. She probably learned enough to do better with the next guy – a more vanilla guy who wanted the beautiful outside but didn’t care so much about the bedroom. You were an essential part of her journey, just like she was part of yours.

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  6. In some cultures women are taught to believe is that sex is something for the man and the woman must just endure and comply. Some women have religious or hygenic objections to sex, some or other mental negative outlook.

    Please tell me if I’m correct here: Penny did not like her food spicy, more on the bland side of the spectrum?

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    • I don’t really remember how she liked her food GK, but it certainly wasn’t for religious or hygenic reasons. And she wasn’t ethnic. She remains much a mystery to me this day


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