From Us to You

At this time of your year, I can only think of two things to say to you wonderful people who visit here …

From everyone on the Red Planet

-space-art-red-planet--fresh-hd-wallpaper[1]To all you very special people on that marvelous Blue Planet of yours

Earth Globe

May you all have Peace in your lives and Good Health to carry you forward

— Marty


16 thoughts on “From Us to You

  1. From the Blue Planet to YOU . . . Have a very Merry Cristmas. And in case you dont celebrate it on the Red Planet . . . then here’s to some kinky and exhilarating Martian Madness …

    Annie B 👽🎄👽

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    • A romantic softie? Moi? Please keep that highly confidential Maggie. No one needs to know. And Merry Christmas to you! I hope the holidays give you everything you wish for. Even more sex than that

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