So Marty , George, Clint, and Paul Walk Into A Bar …

Someone asked me the other day, what were the best years for me to be alive? Excluding the current time frame, of course, because I have no intention of checking out any time soon. One of my favorite time periods is from about 1977 to around 2003. That was a fabulous time to be Marty. Why you ask? Because beautiful, sexy women were all over me. Beautiful, sexy, intelligent women! And you know why? because these women were interested in an intelligent man. I always came across as smartish in those days. I knew I had swum very well in the brainiac gene pool.  Well educated, and pretty well traveled, too. Did I mention I was a trivia expert? Oh yes, at any Trivial Pursuit extravaganza, I inevitably ended up with the top prize. Women were all over me. I had some pretty cool knowledge niches too. Like “seconds”. You know, what is the world’s 2nd highest mountain? Who was the 2nd person to fly solo across the Atlantic (continental mass to continental mass)? What team has won the second most World Series? What was the 2nd British group to appear on Ed Sullivan during the British Invasion? All those things that if you wanted an instant answer you had to ask Marty. Boy, those were the days!

Then along came Google. Sigh. Suddenly I was outsourced! Replaced by technology. Instead of winning, I became a poor 2nd, the victim of a few key strokes on your mobile phone.

Yes, I had been replaced

my role in womens’  minds had been displaced

my calling was now misplaced

I almost felt disgraced

it was if I had been maced

everything that held me together became unlaced

my knowledge was now outplaced

OMG what a waste!

So I had to step back. Reconsider. Reevaluate my assets. Damn! All that I seemed to be left with was my physical appearance. Uh-oh! I knew I was in big trouble, because I wasn’t 22 anymore. But then I looked at the mature men around and the effect they still have on hot women. Let’s take Hollywood for example. Now I know I have far from Hollywood looks, but their attractiveness to hot women goes way beyond their physical features. They just know they have “it” no matter what year they were born in. That gave me something to ponder.


One of the consistently highly rated sexiest guys is George Clooney.  Do you ladies realize George Clooney is 53!  Super approachable, hands down one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. Gee George, lend me that chin, and that hair and the villa on Lake Cuomo would be perfect too …





One of my all time favorites. Rowdy Yates can still do it for the girls. What’s Clint got that I haven’t?  What he does have is attitude. Attitude? Does Marty have attitude? Just let me say, if I think you have crossed me, Dirty Harry will seem like a pussycat.





Here is THE man! How about Paul? To the end of his days he rocked Joanne Woodward’s world. And lots of other great women too. Sweet, sincere Paul Newman. And you know what? My cool blues can still draw them in, too. So Paul, you and I made a great pair.





So despite losing my battle to Google, you know what? I still got “it”. Some days I have to beat them off with a stick.  I realize it’s a whole combination of factors that go into being “attractive”. Way beyond looks. It’s how you treat people, how you interact with others, and just as important, how you carry yourself and how you feel about yourself. And I feel I’m a heck of a great combination of George, Clint, and Paul. Don’t believe me? Why don’t you lean in real close and let me whisper in your ear Darling …

My Addictions

woman-driving-car-getting-sun-damage[1]I’m a bit addicted to working out. I like to keep in shape and a recent test of my fitness indicates I am off the scale for my age. Actually pretty close to off the scale for men decades younger than me. So some addictions are very, very good. But then the other day I pulled a muscle … ow! … the addiction didn’t feel so good that day. Add the nagging cold with sniffles and I wasn’t feeling all that chipper.

The same day I pulled the muscle, Cassandra phoned me in the early evening on her drive home from work.  Her call caught me a bit off guard because it was much earlier than I expected. So all of a sudden, I was feeling a whole lot better.

Sexy women are my other addiction in case you were interested.

Cassandra quickly came to the point that was on her mind.

“Shouldn’t you be slipping your pants off?”

“Umm, I guess I could … ”

“Only if you want to Baby.” she purred.

“They’re off!” I exclaimed. I can be decisive.

“That’s good Baby” she breathlessly whispered back.

Now right about here I should mention that Cassandra has the softest, sexiest purr of a voice you could imagine. With a creamy accent that makes my toes curl with lust the second I listen to her. You can hear the thick honey sweetness dripping with each syllable. She always has me in the palm of her hand with her gentle “mmmHmmm”.

“Is the thought of me and what I want to do to you getting you hard, Baby?”

I gulped. “Umm … yes it is.” I moved to the bedroom and on to my bed.

“That makes me smile.”

That comment got me harder.  I stretched out on the bed.

As I stroked, she softly outlined how her tongue would meet exposed parts of my body. A helmet and its tip were mentioned. How the swirls around said body parts would make me feel. What moist lips along extremities could then do. How her grip would tighten as I thickened.

I swallowed hard.

Then she outlined how she wanted to crawl up my naked torso and straddle me. Insert my throbbing cock into her pussy. And not so gently begin to ride me.

The image was vivid in my brain.

“And I can feel your tits crashing into my face. Oh how I would suck your nipples so hard!”

“You know how I love it and go crazy when you do that.”

I was out of breath … “I do” I gasped.

Now Cassandra and I are mismatched in so many facets. But then, we are matched perfectly in so many other ways. Like her words and my imagination and memory. Every thing she was saying flashed like a hologram before my eyes. And I remembered these things as they happened in hotel rooms in different parts of the continent. The effect they had had on me.

“Baby, you always make me cum so hard when we’re together” I babbled. The bed rocked to the rhythm of my hips.

“MmmHmmm” she cooed. “I know. And I want you to cum hard now, Marty. Very hard.”

“I want to … ”

“Cum for me Marty. Cum for me now.

Don’t you want to cum for me? I want you to cum Marty.

I want you to cum hard. I want you to cum hard for me.

I want you to cum hard for me now, Marty. Marty, cum for me! Cum for me Marty!”

The silky tone of her voice was changing, it’s urgency cranked up several notches. The notes of pure honey were morphing in my ear into erotic dark chocolate, flooding the pleasure zones of my brain, but promising much more than simple pleasure.

“I’m close, Baby”

They pledged wild abandonment.

“Oh Marty I want you so badly … will you cum for me?”

They vowed sensual treasures beyond what I could imagine.

“Please Marty. I NEED you. I NEED you to cum for me now. Please! Please Marty!”

They guaranteed an always with her. A forever like none before.

I lost control. I cried out as my hips bucked and I spurted into an awaiting towel. My body was wrenching outside my command. The spasms wouldn’t cease as the orgasm raged on.

When finally the contractions stopped I couldn’t believe what had just happened. Between gasps for oxygen I let out a hearty laugh.

“It was good was it, Baby?” Cassandra asked.

“Oh, much better than that my love. Way better … Chrisst … I’m sitting on the floor! I don’t even remember falling!. I’m sitting on my ass on the floor! How did that happen?”

Cassandra’s laugh roared in response “What? You’re on the floor? You’re on the floor!”

“I am,” I sheepishly confessed. “Talk about a ride … er … a fall … holy smoke!”

Cassandra had to hang up as she was in bad traffic. But I knew she had an ear to ear grin. A smile as wide as the great plains, the prairie, the pampas. Right that second she was basking in the power she commanded and exerted. The ability to make a Martian completely lose control.

For all you sports fans out there the final score?

Exotic Earth Women – 1  Frantic Martian Males – 0

Yep, my addictions are good addictions.

And Then There Was Mandy (Part 2)

VH1 Big in '06 AwardsThis is part 2 of my story of Mandy, one of my Mea Culpa stories.  Here is the background on Mea Culpa. And here is part 1 of Mandy if you missed it.

It wasn’t long before we were both naked. Her bed was small, only a single, and was pushed against the bedroom wall. Mandy played reluctant at first as I eased her dress down the length of her body, then undid her bra, and threw it to the side. But once I began pinching her nipples and sucking them, she soon relaxed into a song of sighs and gasps as I brought her senses to life on the confines of that small bed.

At one point I stood up and shed my clothing too. Despite the long liquor fueled evening my body was standing tall to the challenge.

As I sucked, nibbled, and pulled and tweaked Mandy’s breasts and nipples, her breathing intensified and she cooed with delight. Then while my hand began to slide her panties down, she tensed slightly. Did she want this? Did she not want this? But then her soft moan answered my query. She sure did want this!

I turned her on her back and hovered over her leaning on my straightened arms.  I bent down to kiss her. She moaned again. As I lifted my head I watched her blue eyes look at me, and then she bit her lower lip.

I entered her pulsing pussy quickly. It had been a long night and I was done with any additional foreplay. And I knew she was ready. Her short and strong legs came up to wrap around me. I began thrusting hard. And deep. She hung on to me like her life depended on it. There was no way she was letting go of me.

I could feel the tension in her body rise. She was grunting, then almost crying, as she tried to meld her body into mine. I felt the intensity of her need. But I had a need of my own, and I increased the pace of the fucking. Her legs squeezed me tighter. Mandy’s cries were louder, her hands were reaching all across my back and I was getting very close. She most definitely seemed close too, but I wasn’t sure I would be able to wait for her. Hell, I was getting so close I knew I wouldn’t be waiting for her.

I came hard in her and held her tightly. But even if I was, Mandy sure wasn’t finished! She started pumping from below on her own.

Crying “No, no, no” I could tell she was imploring me not to stop.

But the deed had been done. The horse had bolted the barn. Mandy, I’m afraid, had missed the bus.

I’m pretty certain I was asleep before she pulled her legs down off my back.

To be continued ...


And Then There Was Mandy …



This is a another installment in the Fuck Toy Mea Culpa series, where I confess that sometimes I haven’t been the best thing on your planet with your women. The first installment is about Penny the Nurse. You can read about her in Part 1 and Part 2.

Today it’s time to talk about Mandy. Let me introduce you to her.

I was invited to an after work Friday drink by Marie (who I will probably write about later) . This was a drink with several of the people who worked in her office. Marie and I were long time friends, and I had not too long ago been dating and fucking her, and right now we were taking a breather so to speak. But we were friends, and it wasn’t unusual for us to get together like this. The bar was a “hip” place right in the center of the city and near where Marie worked.

I knew several of the people who were Marie’s co-workers, but in short order I was introduced to a woman I had never seen before. Her name was Mandy.

Mandy was a cutie. Petite, with curves and short, curly blonde hair. Her blue eyes twinkled, her button nose charmed, and her narrow mouth displayed a gap toothed smile. Her mouth may not have been wide, but it was plenty accommodating for a big, hard cock … but I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Mandy was a laid back conversationalist. Very shy, but she knew how to bat her long eyelashes at all the right times accompanied by a little girl giggle, so was probably not as innocent as she pretended. As the evening wore on, the group dwindled until at closing there were just a handful of us. And I had been so preoccupied with Mandy, I hadn’t even noticed Marie had already departed.

Though it was in the opposite direction, I offered Mandy a ride home. I had been getting mixed signals about her interest throughout the evening. As far as I could tell she wasn’t attached or had a steady boyfriend. She smiled sweetly, blinked several times, giggled, and said “Sure, I’d love a ride.”

I, of course, was in no condition to drive. In those days I was a heavy weekend drinker. It wasn’t long before we started kissing heavily at every red light. Then a boob clutch every second traffic signal when we were stopped . So very juvenile! It was amazing … he … he.

As we arrived at her apartment building, Mandy asked me in for a coffee, to help sober me up for the drive home. Her apartment was, well, snug. As we sat at her small kitchen table while the coffee brewed, we started kissing again. Mandy was a very good kisser. Super passionate. We eventually made our way to her small bedroom and single bed. I soon had her out of her dress and with bra off, full access to her lovely 36Cs.

The action was just starting …

To be continued