And Then There Was Mandy …



This is a another installment in the Fuck Toy Mea Culpa series, where I confess that sometimes I haven’t been the best thing on your planet with your women. The first installment is about Penny the Nurse. You can read about her in Part 1 and Part 2.

Today it’s time to talk about Mandy. Let me introduce you to her.

I was invited to an after work Friday drink by Marie (who I will probably write about later) . This was a drink with several of the people who worked in her office. Marie and I were long time friends, and I had not too long ago been dating and fucking her, and right now we were taking a breather so to speak. But we were friends, and it wasn’t unusual for us to get together like this. The bar was a “hip” place right in the center of the city and near where Marie worked.

I knew several of the people who were Marie’s co-workers, but in short order I was introduced to a woman I had never seen before. Her name was Mandy.

Mandy was a cutie. Petite, with curves and short, curly blonde hair. Her blue eyes twinkled, her button nose charmed, and her narrow mouth displayed a gap toothed smile. Her mouth may not have been wide, but it was plenty accommodating for a big, hard cock … but I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

Mandy was a laid back conversationalist. Very shy, but she knew how to bat her long eyelashes at all the right times accompanied by a little girl giggle, so was probably not as innocent as she pretended. As the evening wore on, the group dwindled until at closing there were just a handful of us. And I had been so preoccupied with Mandy, I hadn’t even noticed Marie had already departed.

Though it was in the opposite direction, I offered Mandy a ride home. I had been getting mixed signals about her interest throughout the evening. As far as I could tell she wasn’t attached or had a steady boyfriend. She smiled sweetly, blinked several times, giggled, and said “Sure, I’d love a ride.”

I, of course, was in no condition to drive. In those days I was a heavy weekend drinker. It wasn’t long before we started kissing heavily at every red light. Then a boob clutch every second traffic signal when we were stopped . So very juvenile! It was amazing … he … he.

As we arrived at her apartment building, Mandy asked me in for a coffee, to help sober me up for the drive home. Her apartment was, well, snug. As we sat at her small kitchen table while the coffee brewed, we started kissing again. Mandy was a very good kisser. Super passionate. We eventually made our way to her small bedroom and single bed. I soon had her out of her dress and with bra off, full access to her lovely 36Cs.

The action was just starting …

To be continued



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