And Then There Was Mandy (Part 2)

VH1 Big in '06 AwardsThis is part 2 of my story of Mandy, one of my Mea Culpa stories.  Here is the background on Mea Culpa. And here is part 1 of Mandy if you missed it.

It wasn’t long before we were both naked. Her bed was small, only a single, and was pushed against the bedroom wall. Mandy played reluctant at first as I eased her dress down the length of her body, then undid her bra, and threw it to the side. But once I began pinching her nipples and sucking them, she soon relaxed into a song of sighs and gasps as I brought her senses to life on the confines of that small bed.

At one point I stood up and shed my clothing too. Despite the long liquor fueled evening my body was standing tall to the challenge.

As I sucked, nibbled, and pulled and tweaked Mandy’s breasts and nipples, her breathing intensified and she cooed with delight. Then while my hand began to slide her panties down, she tensed slightly. Did she want this? Did she not want this? But then her soft moan answered my query. She sure did want this!

I turned her on her back and hovered over her leaning on my straightened arms.  I bent down to kiss her. She moaned again. As I lifted my head I watched her blue eyes look at me, and then she bit her lower lip.

I entered her pulsing pussy quickly. It had been a long night and I was done with any additional foreplay. And I knew she was ready. Her short and strong legs came up to wrap around me. I began thrusting hard. And deep. She hung on to me like her life depended on it. There was no way she was letting go of me.

I could feel the tension in her body rise. She was grunting, then almost crying, as she tried to meld her body into mine. I felt the intensity of her need. But I had a need of my own, and I increased the pace of the fucking. Her legs squeezed me tighter. Mandy’s cries were louder, her hands were reaching all across my back and I was getting very close. She most definitely seemed close too, but I wasn’t sure I would be able to wait for her. Hell, I was getting so close I knew I wouldn’t be waiting for her.

I came hard in her and held her tightly. But even if I was, Mandy sure wasn’t finished! She started pumping from below on her own.

Crying “No, no, no” I could tell she was imploring me not to stop.

But the deed had been done. The horse had bolted the barn. Mandy, I’m afraid, had missed the bus.

I’m pretty certain I was asleep before she pulled her legs down off my back.

To be continued ...



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