I’ll Drink To That!

Interesting isn’t it? This is my 97th post. To be honest, I didn’t expect to get past 25. I even had doubts about making it to 10. But here I am. Still around.

Today is special for 2 reasons:

1) It’s Valentine’s Day for all you lovers and haters of the event

2) One year ago today my 1st post was published.

Yep, today is I Think You Earthlings Are Crazy‘s birthday.

And it’s been a pretty good year. One year ago I was in a very bad emotional place because of a number of factors. Today everything is very good. I have absolutely no complaints. Things could be better, but the glass is way more than half full. A year ago I was running on empty.

So here’s to what has been a very good year, and let’s have another great one ahead.

And a special thank you for passing by, dropping in, and heck, even reading. And those who make comments, you are indeed a very special slice of your species. I love you all!

Thank you!

I’ll drink to that!0veCE0G[1]

32 thoughts on “I’ll Drink To That!

  1. Aww…congrats my dear! It’s been nice to follow you..reading and enjoying the parts of you that you let us peak in through your words…….and always having you in the background, commenting and supporting on our blogs! Again, congrats and happy born day!

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