I Must Be Chained

I seethe. I burn. I ache to lash out. To destroy.

I have returned volleys, but not yet in the full combat mode I am desirous of. I hold myself back. I rein in my urges. I must.  But the deception, the mistruths, the constant personal aggrandizement roil through every part of my body.

When I am like this I am likely to attack fiercely. I belittle. I humiliate. I dehumanize. I rend psyches into tiny pieces. The victim never recovers.

But the far greater damage is to those who are witness. The carnage and horror, the intense pain and fear they witness scars them, too.

It is this I must take pains to avoid. I must bind my anger in unyielding, indestuctible chains.

And tomorrow it will commence again.


21 thoughts on “I Must Be Chained

  1. He took his dirt covered hands from his task, raised his sweaty brow, stood up and walked to the edge of his walled garden. “Go get ’em tiger.” He said with a sinister grin. With a chuckle born of sincere understanding, he walked back into the flowers.

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  2. ………ay my dear…there are days, sometimes weeks that turn into months where this is a struggle, a fight within some of ourselves( the hardest struggle of all is the one we have with ourselves.) 😦 hugs my dear!

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