I Am Petulant

petulance[1]Today is not my day. Neither was yesterday. My patience has evaporated. I’m trying to keep my mouth shut but  I spoke harshly this morning to noisy people in the hallway. A brother angers me.

My physical training sucks big time.

I slept poorly last night. And the night before.

I’m not getting what I want. I’m not having what pleases me. I am showing my spoiled nature. I always eventually get what I want. That’s just the way it is. And I want my way. Now! Or I will take my ball and go home.

Sometimes, later on, I regret taking my ball home. So I’m fighting doing that. Then again, other times it works out well in the long run. That’s the dilemma.

I am little boy petulant. Wild tantrums are possible. Stay out of my way.

I need a ray of sunshine. I don’t see that headed my way.


37 thoughts on “I Am Petulant

  1. So sad my Martian Pal is struggling. I wish I could wave a wand and make all this go away for you. A hug from planet earth is all I have. 💜💚😘

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  2. Ah Marty, I am so sorry. I just cannot “like” this post because my heart goes out to you. I hate when I get waves of bad karma – it’s a struggle to get back to a happy place. Just know that I care about my dear Martian friend and want nothing but the best for you.

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  3. Well now Marty, if you do get your head out of your ass, you most definitely will see sunshine. Or at least daylight 😉 teasing. You’re human, don’t we all get to have moments of petulance and stamping our feet in frustration? Take a breath, take a day off from training, and just “be”.

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