A She Devil Stalks

The Cute Eastern Devil has asked me out for a beer. I said yes. She works in TV. No, you perverts, she’s not a transvestite. She works in television!

People think she’s all so innocent. But I know she is not. I can feel it. She’s very young, too. Way, way too young for me.

No need to tell me to be watchful. I have no intention of being careful. None whatsoever.

I know when I’m being stalked. I’m going to enjoy the thrill of the chase. What I mean is the possible thrill of being chased.

My curiosity is really in overdrive.

10 thoughts on “A She Devil Stalks

  1. Newness always a rush; your lackadaisical reversal of process is served straight up with a side of GRIN. Feminine attentions are ego-boosters. Soak it up- but be gentle when she gets flustered, K? You have the experience to make this a positive exercise for a fledgling Hawkess (if I may make up a word!) XO- Ret

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