An Offer Not Sampled

ff_holmes_large[1]My, but I was in a good mood! The laid back, outdoor patio, weekend brunch had been excellent; the conversation with old friends stimulating; the sudden warmth in the air invigorating after such a miserable spring so far. I was enjoying my walk back home. I had just finished texting Cassandra how good life was.

And there she was! Standing on her front lawn talking to someone in a car stopped in front of her house. I had had an email from her several weeks previous about some changes she was going through, advising me on her new coordinates. It had been probably 18 months since I had laid eyes on her. She looked radiant.

I slowly meandered over her way, not wanting to interrupt her conversation, but also not wishing to pass up the chance to chat. Becky had been a neighbor for several years, and we had become somewhat close-ish. Not too close mind you, because she was married after all.  And I liked her husband. But I always recognized the enhanced electrical energy running through her when I was around. She would always just light up. And truth be told, she got my adrenaline up a notch, too. But playing with a neighbor’s wife wasn’t something I was prepared to do.

Becky  is, in case you haven’t guessed, very attractive. Though she doesn’t have the curves I’m partial to, she, in fact, is a doppelganger for a famous TV/movie actress. If I think of this actress in about 10 years time, she’ll be Becky’s better built twin. But Becky’s daughter is the actress’s even better built sister. I swear the three of them could be the same hottie at different ages (the daughter, the famous actress, and Becky)… say 23, 38, and 48.

What a minute … thinking of those three together is making me lose my train of thought. Oh right! I need to give you some more background.

Four years ago there was a neighborhood lawn party. Where some neighbors let down their .. ahem … hair. You see Becky’s husband left the soiree early, and my date wasn’t feeling well, so I took her home and returned. Before I took my date home, I had promised Becky I’d be back. No hanky panky with an unwell woman happening that night I assured her.

I promised Becky I’d be back ASAP … and I promise you the same. As soon as I can …



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