I Heard a Story

Bella and I had some alone time a few days ago.  It was quiet. And nice.

She opened up a bit … something that is very rare for her to do.

Bella told me of a past love. From many years ago. A man she met while living for a time in New York. She fell heavily for him.

She followed him to the other side of the globe, it was that intense.

The time with him was magical, and she had made up her mind to stay and make her life with this man.

Then he told her it wasn’t to be. It wouldn’t work. This was not what he wanted.

Crushed, she returned home to start life anew.

The story greatly saddened me. I don’t understand how such a gentle, gracious, beautiful flower could not satisfy this man.

Some things I know I will never be able to comprehend. This is one.


4 thoughts on “I Heard a Story

  1. I understand.
    If someone’s love is not reciprocated it does not make them any less of a wonderful person. No matter how many “boxes” someone may tick to make up a seemingly wonderful human being, sometimes that invisible spark, or tether, that ignites ones soul just isn’t there.

    And hence why so many reside in the friend zone too.

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  2. It could be a sad case of the man involved not loving himself first. Under that mindset no woman would be good enough because she would inevitably be deemed a fool for loving him and would eventually be discarded.

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