The Last Post

Yes I’m afraid this is the end. This will be Marty’s last post. It’s (past) time for me to disappear and return from where I came. I have nothing left to add on this forum. It’s been said. It’s done.

I do this every so often … reinventing myself somewhere else. I sorely feel the need for reinvention these days. I can feel a new adventure coming on and it demands a clean sheet.

I have enjoyed my time here, and thank you all for having stopped by and perusing.  Several of you have become friends, and I’m certain we will continue to contact each other from time to time.

To all, “Adieu” and good luck in your individual worlds. I only wish you happiness.

I shall leave the blog up for a bit … I really don’t know how long … but in the next week or two I’ll close it off.

Thank you one and all, it’s been a blast!


37 thoughts on “The Last Post

    • Thank you Maggie! Let me be all about you as much as you want. I’m certain you’ll see a comment or two from me on your blog from time to time. So I won’t be completely gone. 🙂

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