The Last Post (Redux)

0002121c_medium[1]There are things on my mind these days. Sometimes I can be a vacillator.  I waver. I can consider all factors, weigh their merits, make up my mind, and then move on. But not far. Because … sigh … I might change my mind.

This is one of those times. As I recently told the Divine Miss M  (I know you are full throated Madeline, but do you sing?) I’m kind of a “pull the bandaid off slowly type of guy”. The r-r-r-i-i-p-p-p-i-n-g it off in one go is not my style, so rather than end the blog so abruptly, I’m going to ease into my disappearance. Besides, I have so many half finished posts that need to be attended to.

And I have more stories to tell. One of the initial purposes of this tiny corner of the internet was to trace for myself how I became what I have become. I haven’t done that very well. Another task left unfinished. That does not sit well with yours truly.

So there will be more. From the past. For a while.

Thanks (in advance) for your considerate understanding of my abundant failings.

24 thoughts on “The Last Post (Redux)

  1. I would not be ready for you to go. You were one of my first followers and truly have enjoyed your stories, your comments, your words of support always! No such thing as abundant failings!! Everything has it’s journey, it’s pace. In it’s time it will come full circle :)!

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