The Carnality (Part 4)

This is a continuation of my story about Juliet. You can catch up here for part 1 and part 2

and part 3

As we entered our little courtyard of the house where we were staying, it was clear while Liz and Jimmy were probably getting to know each other, nothing sexual had happened, and it appeared nothing like that was going to occur.  I think Jimmy just didn’t have that sort of energy even though Liz may have been willing to engage.

After putting the new batch of wine on a small table off to the side, I joined Juliet on a small bench. She edged in close to me.  What with the warm sun and her hot body caressing mine, plus the effects of the wine, I was feeling a bit sleepy. Juliet could read the signs easily, and in her soft, charmingly accented voice said “Come … let’s go in my room and lie down and rest for a bit.”

I nodded my approval, and with that she clasped my hand in hers and with nary a word to the others, lead me across the yard to the door to her bedroom. Once inside the room and the door closed, she put her arms around me, raised up on her toes and lifted her beautiful face to match mine. She kissed me tenderly. Not with particular passion, but sexily, softly. My breathing quickened, and I was instantly hard, my drowsiness suddenly completely evaporated.

Juliet lifted off my t-shirt. She bent down to untie and remove the boots and socks I was wearing. Then she unbuckled my belt and pulled my jeans and underwear down in one stroke. As I stepped out of them, I stood before her, displayed and fully erect. Juliet eyed me up and down, smiling, happy with herself.

We laid down on the bed, kissing fiercely.  I unbuttoned her blouse and as she removed her bra, I began stripping her of her jeans and underwear. She was incredible to look at. Touching her all over felt like a mystery revealed. This youngster really had arrived!

“I want you to fuck me hard” she breathed into my ear.

She was already ready, wet, anxious. No foreplay. No waiting. No backing out. No more time for banter.

I climbed aboard and slipped in. It had been about 6 weeks since I had fucked, and I was worried about how long I was going to last. I wanted no disappointments with this woman. This was a gift I needed to keep happy.

I pumped into her deeply, but slowly.  Her legs pulled up to my hips, her heels on my ass, I loved hearing the sounds of her soft moaning. I really don’t remember the time frame, all I do recall is that it was sudden … she arched as she came, with only a tell tale grunt giving it away. Then a long hiss.

As I continued to give her more, I tried to keep the speedometer way, way below the red line. I wanted to increase the pace, my hormones pushing me. But I held back, fearful my youth and relative inexperience would end it much too soon.  The level of her moaning increased … Juliet arched again … and then again. I knew Jimmy and Liz could hear us, but I didn’t really care by this point.

Juliet’s sounds became louder, they were no longer moans, but short, sharp cries. I knew I was a gonner now …  she’d pushed me to the edge and I had to increase the tempo, as I would explode in her no matter what. I wanted it now … she wanted it now … I raised myself on my arms and it was my turn to cry out and arch …

To be continued …




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