Tall Oaks Don’t Tell Tales

I haven’t mentioned Annie in a long, long time. You can get a feel for her here, here, and here.

Annie and I were together for several years. One weekend we attended the wedding of a young man who worked in my office, and with whom I played on a sports team. I was his mentor in business, doing my very best to teach and smooth over some very rough edges. But on the sports field, he taught me the subtleties and intricacies, as he had played this game professionally. So we had become reasonably close as mentor and student, switching roles in and out of the office. As well, Annie had become close friends with his fiancée.

The wedding was on a brilliant July Saturday afternoon, with both the ceremony and the reception at a classy suburban golf and country club. We were all dressed to the nines. I had on my newest, classy, top of the line suit, and if I do say so myself … I looked … ahem … pretty damn good. Definitely rakish. With my longish greying locks, think Richard Gere on a bad hair day. And Annie? With a figure hugging new blue dress, long slit showing off her perfectly rounded 36Cs, and her firm ass, she was every man’s dream date.

The bride was beautiful, the groom dashing. The self prepared vows they swore were tasteful and contemporary. As the bridal party left for the photograph session, we all headed for the bar, which had been set up on a nearby patio. The booze was flowing and nobody seemed to notice the long absent wedding party, as the photographer must have been taking his time.

At this point let me remind you again that Annie was gorgeous. And very much a sexual vixen. Which kind of fit pretty well with the way I was handling myself in those years. It may not come as a big surprise to you either, that after 3 or 4 drinks, Annie’s dress with the deeply plunging neckline and her soft sexual banter in my ear in her mother tongue were starting to get a rise in a particular area of my anatomy. She giggled and taunted me mercilessly once she could see my situation. Something needed to be done! An immediate remedy was required!

Off in the distance to the right of where we were, I could see a small copse of trees. I wondered if they could possibly shield us from being discovered if we were able to partake in some naughtiness. Here at this exclusive Country Club. In public view. Dressed as we were.  I could see the trees were all alone, a bit apart, as no fairway passed close to them.

“Let’s go for a walk, Beautiful,” I said as I grabbed Annie’s hand and headed toward the trees.

We walked about 50 yards. The trees were a dozen tall, stately oaks. Though the branches didn’t start until far off the ground, the trunks of the trees were exceptionally large and I was pretty sure would act as a secure screen from an unwelcome peering.

We found our spot, 3 trees in and to the left. On the away side from the clubhouse.

This wasn’t a time for romance.  This wasn’t a time for sweet talking. There was no time!

Annie quickly pulled down her tights and lifted her dress. I unzipped.

It was pure “Slam! Bam! Thank you M’am!”

Or maybe “I demur! You made me purr! Thank you, Sir!”

One and done.

We quickly cleaned up after the deed was finished. Certain the tall oaks would keep our secret. Only they knew what had just happened.

And now so do you, faithful readers. I hope you will keep my secret, too.

After all, I may want to join the Country Club one day.

The Ski Break … Part (4) – The Naughty Ride Home

The recent Marty-replay I did with a story about Marcie stirred some old memories. It brought another story to mind.  Part (1) is here and part (2) can be found here and part (3) is right here

But the week came to an end, and Friday night was our last night at the ski resort. Marcie was to drive home with me, and that was a very special trip, which is coming up …

Marcie and I wildly frolicked that night like there was no tomorrow. Except that tomorrow was a lot of fun, too. We had breakfast, and then checked out of the hotel about 11am, ready for the long drive ahead.


Marcie was extremely tired (remember she didn’t get those late afternoon naps like I did) so in less than an hour she was dozing off beside me. The drive was pleasant, and since the weather was clear I was quite happy driving. The snow sparkled brightly off the evergreens along the 2-lane highway we had to take before reaching the freeway that would take us home. I even spotted some deer foraging in the distance.

After about an hour or so, Marcie roused from her drowsiness and sat up. For the next hour we chatted about what a fun week we had had and how it had been such a good idea.  Just then a sign for an upcoming rest stop appeared, and I had a thought.

“Stop for a coffee?” I asked.

“Sure,” Marcie said with a twinkle in her eye. I had a hunch she was reading my mind.

I pulled off the exit ramp and into the rest center, but parked the car way off to the back of the parking area, far away from any other cars and trucks. At this time of year, it was certainly not crowded. Given the cold temperature, I left the engine running. I undid our safety belts and then begin to kiss her softly.

Marcie’s hand moved for my crotch. After a quick feel of my bulge, she deftly unbuckled my belt, released the button, then unzipped the fly.  I eased down my jeans and boxers about a foot to give her easy access to what she wanted. She sucked me slowly, but took in the full length right from the beginning. I let out a huge sigh. Marcie kept the pace easy but went about her task methodically. She looked at me with the glint in her eye of a true vixen. Given all the heavy breathing, it was but a minute before the windows of my car were misted over, hiding the naughtiness going on inside, in case anyone happened to wander by.

Marcie continued her worship of my manness. Occasionally she reached over to tenderly squeeze my balls. I was quickly losing control … my hips suddenly rose and I cried out as I released strongly into Marcie’s mouth.  She released me for a second, smiled up at me, then began to lick me clean. Talk about having someone in the palm of your hand (and mouth).

I softened quickly and Marcie chuckled.

“My work is done here.” she laughed.”I’ll go get us those coffees and sandwiches while you recuperate.”

And she did. And I did.

Finished our caffeine and sandwiches we headed out again, westward home. It wasn’t that long until the sun began to lower in the sky. In winter in northern climes it does that, you know.  Soon enough twilight arrived and then the dusk surrounded us. It was about 45 minutes since I had come in Marcie’s mouth and my need to play with her was returning.

“Take off your jeans,” I said. “Underwear, too”.

Marcie turned her head to look at me for a second.

“Ok” she answered.

I glanced back and forth from the road to the strip show that was happening beside me. I chuckled as I saw her wriggle out of her pants and panties.

“Nice! Good girl,” I said as I admired her landing strip. “Now begin playing with yourself.”

And she did. For the next while her fingers were busy. Every so often I would reach across and use my fingers, too, as best I could, then lick my dripping digits, all while keeping us out of the ditch at high speed in the early evening. Marcie had several orgasms on that highway and it was an enjoyable thing to behold, I can tell you.

As the evening wore on, I kept Marcie in her nakedness. It was just fun to have. Then wouldn’t you know it as we neared the 2/3 point of our journey, up popped a sign for an upcoming rest center.

We looked at each other and called out in laughing unison “Coffee time!”

Well, dear reader, I don’t think I have to spell out what happened next in the darkness of that car. Marty’s essential body parts jumped to life again.

But I let Marcie put her jeans back on to go get the coffees while I gassed up the car. I’m a true gentleman after all.

And so ended my skiing trip with Marcie. A week not to be forgotten. I may never ski like that again.

I was going to call this post “The Naked Ride Home” because I like the title of the song so much, but the nakedness was only partial and only for part of the ride home. But I think you get my drift …

The Ski Break … Part (3)

The recent Marty-replay I did with a story about Marcie stirred some old memories. It brought another story to mind.  Part (1) is here and part (2) can be found here

And I thought to myself this was a very good start to an exciting upcoming week.

Marcie and I then slept for several hours. but soon enough it was time for another round. I woke up to feeling her sucking my cock which had become hard, unbeknownst to me. I really can’t remember the details, but I am certain we had a wild session before drifting off, once again to sleep. Then a few hours later I remember a lusty go which included my cock sliding into Marcie’s very firm, tennis-trained ass. A little clean up, then more sleep.

The prearranged wake-up call at 6:30 came soon enough. There was just enough time for her to go down on me again before she had to scamper away and go to her room to get ready to meet her work colleagues for breakfast and begin another conference day at the hotel.

I stayed in bed a few more minutes, but I, too, needed to get going. I had a full day of hard downhill skiing ahead of me. Though very cold, it was bright and glorious for a day on the slopes.

After a quick shower and shave I hurried downstairs to have breakfast in the dining room. There Marcie was seated with a female work mate. I was given a small table 3 rows over and a couple of tables back. As I perused the morning paper, I espied Marcie’s table mate eyeing me, but I really didn’t think much of it at the time.

Marcie’s group headed out to do their thing and I finished up my breakfast shortly thereafter. Then it was out to the slopes for a hard day!

Even though I was in very good shape, my skiing legs weren’t there yet. So around 3:30 I called it a day. Besides, a nice hot shower and a few hours of nap time would prepare me well for the upcoming night time play with Marcie. I was hoping to keep her busy the whole night.  Marcie’s group, I knew, would be out for dinner elsewhere, so I had lots of time for a good nap and an easy, casual dinner.

At about 9pm she called me from her room and then headed over to mine. As she came in, she was laughing. After inquiring about each other’s day, she said,

“Do you remember breakfast this morning?”

“Yes, more or less.” I answered. “Why?”

“Well Angela thought you were super cute. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of you.”

“Did you tell her who I was?”

“No, of course not! Spouses and boyfriends aren’t allowed, you know that.”

“Oh,” I said. “You just kept mum on everything?”

“Yes!” Marcie replied. “It was so much fun listening to her go on. She said ‘ What’s a man like that doing alone, single here at this hotel? I wonder what he does?’ I just smiled and said ‘I have no idea.’ You intrigue her very much, Marty.”

“Hmm, this could be a good game.” I replied with a grin.

And with that, the nightly romp began. I won’t bore you any more with the details, because it was just more of the same. With shower sex, and pressed against the window sex, and perched on the room’s desk sex, and …

But it was great fun, because I had had my nap, and was not going to let her sleep much. That’s how every night was filled … and every opening often … right through the week. Poor Marcie could barely keep awake during her business sessions. And every morning at breakfast I “seemed” to be somebody else to Marcie’s colleague Angela. It was so much fun posing as a mystery man for her.

But the week came to an end, and Friday night was our last night at the ski resort. Marcie was to drive home with me, and that was a very special trip, which is coming up …




The Ski Break … Part (2)

The recent Marty-replay I did with a story about Marcie stirred some old memories. It brought another story to mind.  Part (1) is here

I put my arms around her slim, taut body, pressing my already full erection into her and kissed her deeply.

Let the fun begin I thought.

I began unbuttoning Marcie’s blouse. Slowly, one-but-ton-at-a-time-but-with-out-any-kind-of-rush-very-de-lib-er-ate-ly.  As I did this, she rested her head on my shoulder. I could smell the beer on her breath and knew she was a little tipsy.

After I pulled off her blouse, I slowly reached across her back and unclasped her bra. It fell to the floor. I knew she was expecting me to feel her tits, but I wasn’t ready for that just yet.

“Take off your skirt and panties” I said. “Now please.”

She stepped back and slithered out of her remaining garments and she watched me watch her. As she stood there in front of me patiently waiting, she could tell I approved.

“Good girl. Now, up on the bed on all fours.”

Slowly without a word, Marcie walked over to the bed and assumed the position. I followed. I started by Iightly running my fingers the length of her back, from her neck down to and including her ass crack. For a few seconds I was mesmerized by the light tawny freckles dotting her skin.

She shivered to my touch. Marcie always loved the way I touched her. I planted a soft kiss on the small of her back. Standing at the side of the bed, from between her legs I gently caressed her pussy. She was sopping wet. I stroked along her slit and heard her quiet moans as I continued.

“You’re going to make me very happy tonight, Darling” I said.

“I know,” she replied. “I can feel it. I want to. I really want to. God I want you.”

Oh Marcie! She was always so horny! What was I to do with her?

I slowly fucked her pussy with two and then three fingers while I continued to gently run the fingers of my other hand along her back. Then up and down, inside and out of her leg.  She put her head down between her arms and softly mewled to the pleasure she was feeling.

“Marty … Please!”. She was starting to beg.

As I continued to finger fuck her, my other hand pinched one nipple, then the other. Marcie grunted through clenched teeth.

But now teasing-time was done. My cock was pulsing with need. With both hands I grabbed Marcie’s hips and moved her to the edge of the bed.

“Don’t move!”

I pulled off my shirt, kicked off my slips-ons and socks, pulled down my jeans and underwear. Her head still between her forearms, she didn’t budge. Standing behind her, with one hand I pushed her further down into the bed, the other guided my cock oh so slowly into her waiting sex. Marcie’s head jutted up, and her body arched to my entrance. Slowly, in, out, slowly, slowly, ever deeper, out, in, slowly even deeper, then out, then in, out, then in all the way.

Marcie’s breathing was heavier now. She was gasping and grunting, moving her hips to the rhythm of my thrusts.  She arched again and began to cry out. I grabbed her hair with one hand and snapped her head back as she came hard. Three, four, five more hard thrusts and she came again. I didn’t let up and oh so soon she cried out yet again.

By now my own orgasm was close and I was pulling her hips into me with force. As I came I collapsed on her back, but I tried with all my might to keep pumping … as long as I could. Eventually I stopped and just put my arms around her torso and held her as we tried to catch our breath.

Was it only a minute when I pulled out, stood beside the bed on shakey legs and turned her face toward me?

“Lick me clean” I said.

As Marcie sucked my softening cock I looked down at her and said “We’ll sleep for a bit now. I’ve had a long drive and you’ve had a full day.”

And I thought to myself this was a very good start to an exciting  upcoming week.




The Ski Break … Part (1)

The recent Marty-replay I did with a story about Marcie stirred some old memories. It brought another story to mind.

One winter she told me that her company was having a business week’s retreat at a small ski resort about a day’s drive from where we lived.  I knew this resort well as I had spent a lot of time there across the seasons a few years before. And it struck me I was ready to take a ski holiday, so I told Marcie I was going to book a room there, ski during the day, then fuck her brains out and have her perform for me at night after her company’s evening activities were done. Marcie thought this was a marvelous idea; her girlie juices began to flow just at the thought. She reminded me, though,  since spouses and companions weren’t allowed, I’d have to be incognito the whole week. Now this really sounded like fun!

I left very early on the Monday morning to drive, while Marcie and her colleagues flew in to the resort late Monday afternoon.  They arrived a few hours before I did. I was in the dining room having just begun my supper when Marcie and her group came in after having finished their welcoming reception.

She spotted me right away. And I her. And we both caught the other’s slight smile. I was horny already.  I wondered what her group had on for the evening after dinner, and how long it would last. I finished my dinner and went up to my room, anticipating a highly sexed evening, but a bit annoyed because I had no clue as to the timing.

Shortly after 8:30 the phone in my phone rang. It was Marcie!

“All done,” she said. “Can I come up?”

“Get your pretty ass up here, pronto! ” I said.”You know what’s waiting for you.”

“Mmmmmmm,” Marcie panted. “I’m on my way!”

90 seconds later there was a light tap on the door. I rose from my chair, quickly went over and opened the door.  A big smile on her face, Marcie stepped into the room.

I put my arms around her slim, taut body, pressing my already full erection into her and kissed her deeply.

Let the fun begin I thought.



Sometimes I Get Embarrassed … When Girls Talk

I have decided to revisit certain posts from time to time. Call them a Marty-Replay.  Posts I like. Or I’m happy with how they were written and catch the moment just right. Or are particularly relevant even now. But mostly that I like. Here’s the 2nd.  I’m sure most of you are not familiar with Marcie. If you are curious, here is some background.

Here    and   here

It was like a girls night out. Except the boys tagged along. Three couples sitting around the pool on a warm evening. Marcie and I were on a winter break and had booked a week at a Mexican beach resort. During the evening meal of our second day there we had started to chum around with two other couples around our age.

After dinner we adjourned to a patio near the pool for drinks and conversation. For some reason the three women sat beside each other in patio chairs, while the men were together opposite. As the cheap Mexican red wine flowed, the inhibitions began disappearing like a rapidly outgoing Caribbean  tide.

The women were all extremely attractive. There was the tall Chicago blonde with below shoulder length Farah curls and the 38Ds. Then there was Virgina beauty, short with long raven hair complementing her cute button nose, tight little ass, and 34Cs. The men didn’t really have much to say. We were more interested in listening, I guess. Wine induced, the girls’ conversation became very sexual, very quickly.

It wasn’t long before Marcie got into describing the evening we arrived. How a few Mexican beers had led to a walk on the beach as darkness was setting in. How in the blackness of the night, the softness of the zephyr off the sea, and the effects of the beer we felt totally alone. How I sat on the solitary beach chair, beer can in hand facing the sea, and how Marcie knelt and took my cock deep in her mouth. How she slurped noisily  How after several minutes of that she grabbed my hand and I pushed her to the sand on all fours and took her roughly from behind. How as I pulled her hair and she grunted while climaxing a group of people could be heard strolling nearby. How we couldn’t have cared less.

Chicago eyed me with a sly smile. Virginia Brunette’s eyes opened wider. I was on the hot seat and I could feel my face flushing a bit. Good thing it was early evening and the light wasn’t so good.

There was more wine and more girl talk. Lots more. And it started to get dirtier. Chicago blonde explained how in order for her husband to get fucked at all, he had to perform cunnilingus just right on her, and for the length of time and number of orgasms she felt appropriate that night. She made it quite clear who was the boss, and who gave the sexual directions

I flashed her my “that’s not how it would be with me Hottie” look with my deep blue eyes. And she nodded back in agreement. I looked over at her husband and even in the dimming light I could see him silently slouching lower in his chair.

Virginia Brunette, not to be out done, filled everyone in on how she took care of her husband. Apparently she had a coterie of 4 or 5 men. Periodically one would be invited to their house in the Washington suburbs for the evening, for dinner and drinks with her and her husband. Which would be followed by raunchy sex with Virginia Brunette. In the bedroom with the lights on. While husband stood in the bedroom doorway to watch and listen. At the appropriate command, he would be allowed to undress. And should she feel generous, she would give him permission to stroke himself while he watched his beloved wife in the throes of outrageously noisy sex with the visitor. Then after her upteenth orgasm, if she was feeling really generous, she would go to the doorway and finish him off with a hand job.

I had always wondered what those Beltway civil servants did with their free evening time.

Marcie was loving it. The other men, not so much. Marcie had this laugh, that became raunchier the drunker she became. She was very drunk now, and the laugh was an outright cackle. Given the spirit of the conversation, and fearing the worst from her mouth, I suggested it was time for us to call it an evening. I wasn’t really interested in having my personal modesty tested any more than it had been. But she wasn’t interested in leaving.

“You know Marty has just the best cock I have ever had” she blurted out. My heart sank.

“It is such a good length, and nice and wide. And oh, does he know how to use it on me!”

“Marcie! Enough!” I could feel my whole you don’t-really-know-me, I’m-so-respectable world becoming a distant memory if I didn’t get her to quit soon. But I feared she was just getting started.

“But what is really amazing about Marty is how incredibly hard he gets! Like hot, hot rock! Yes, that’s it, hard as rock.  With super big and hard veins. I have never had a cock in all my parts that is so hard!’

Chicago Blonde raised an eyebrow in my direction. “Really, Marty?” she purred. I knew I was squirming noticeably even in this light. Could they see my sweaty brow? I’m pretty private, and the discomfort I was beginning to experience was, for me, stomach turning.

Virginia Brunette eagerly slid forward in her chair. “How often do you get to Washington, Marty?”

Damn this was embarrassing. Normally I would love the attention these two beautiful women were directing my way. But not like this! It wasn’t me doing the selling. I wasn’t in control at all. And I couldn’t handle it.

“Marcie, we’re leaving now!” I commanded

“I’m going to finish my drink. And my story!” she retorted

Uh-oh. This was not good. Though usually very compliant, Marcie had a stubborn streak at times, and I didn’t want to test it. I wasn’t going to win if I did. That was certain.

“Well I’m going back to the room,” I huffed. It was a gamble on my part. I was certain Marcie was terribly horny, but she was also enjoying her girl time. But I couldn’t handle the spotlight, I knew that for sure. At worst, I figured she’d be along in 2-3 minutes.

I was right, of course, it was under 3 minutes when she joined me in the room. I have no idea what else she confided in the group. And I didn’t ask. But she got one helluva spanking that night.