I See The Ghosts

I do, at this time of year.

They used to come screaming at me, full force, like a redlining 911 headed right for me, whining down the autobahn.

Until I had the revelation.

Now the phantoms are better behaved. But they visit yet.

I remember you running back to the car through the woods, an apparition of beauty waving your panties above your head in glee and anticipation.

I can still hear the roar of snowmobiles while waking one morning, then the next being roused by motorcycles thundering past an open window.

The dark shadow of my unthinking, uncaring self that Christmas Eve continues to haunt me. My heart still half believes that was the beginning of the end.

The magical mirage that was Malaga will always stay with me. We were so happy.

The apartment high overlooking the water that would be our last.

Yes the demons are better behaved. They’re silent now. But so devious. This year they ambushed when I least expected, two weeks after the email.

It seems they will never tire of reminding me where I have been.


Jingle Bells

This time of year is a hectic time for all. I’ve been away. I’ve been busy. I’ve been sick.

These few days I have been and will be wishing the Best of the Season to all the incredible women in my world. They have made this year, again, another very special 12 months. A thrill to be alive and enjoy what this revolving orb has to offer.

And to all my wonderful readers a safe, happy holiday! Your willingness to come here and read, continually pleasantly surprises me.

However you celebrate it, may this holiday be a joyful one! And one with peace for your soul.




Of Old Pics and Beards

article-2219175-158CF6CB000005DC-857_306x423[1]serious-children[1]I am acquainted with a very Startlingly Beautiful Woman. Last night she requested some pics of the younger Marty. I ranged around for any I could easily find. You see it’s not that simple, photography having been newly invented when I first began roaming this planet.

SBW: I would LOVE to see a pic of you when you were younger!

I foundĀ  3 or 4. They aren’t like the great posed selfies we exchange these days. These were anything but; post action shots of Marty in sweats or casual attire. Not at my “picture best” in other words. One with a full beard. One bare chested from a distance. One after a hard 5k race.

SBW: Omg!! You’re so HOT!

Marty: Huh?

SBW: You. Are. Hot. I love the pics.

Marty: You’re making me smile

SBW: You made me smile.

SBW: You are so cute!

My evening was made. Sometimes I’m so shallow and easy to please.