Of Old Pics and Beards

article-2219175-158CF6CB000005DC-857_306x423[1]serious-children[1]I am acquainted with a very Startlingly Beautiful Woman. Last night she requested some pics of the younger Marty. I ranged around for any I could easily find. You see it’s not that simple, photography having been newly invented when I first began roaming this planet.

SBW: I would LOVE to see a pic of you when you were younger!

I foundΒ  3 or 4. They aren’t like the great posed selfies we exchange these days. These were anything but; post action shots of Marty in sweats or casual attire. Not at my “picture best” in other words. One with a full beard. One bare chested from a distance. One after a hard 5k race.

SBW: Omg!! You’re so HOT!

Marty: Huh?

SBW: You. Are. Hot. I love the pics.

Marty: You’re making me smile

SBW: You made me smile.

SBW: You are so cute!

My evening was made. Sometimes I’m so shallow and easy to please.


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