Remembering How To Count – ONE

ali1-sized[1]He was 21. He had met her on day one that he was on the island. But she wasn’t the first woman he dated there. In fact, she was the fourth.  Yes he had met her shortly after his arrival. She was more than pretty enough, and had a body straight out of Hollywood casting with those dazzling breasts and her long, strong muscular legs that an Olympic high jumper would covet. And her eyes were hazel hued, so tantalizing. But he had also met the cutie from North Carolina. And North Carolina was more his usual type, fairly short with shoulder length dark hair. One’s hair was cut short, too short for his liking, just below her ear. And North Carolina’s accent! Who wouldn’t fall off his chair watching a girl that looked like North Carolina, with every word out of her mouth dripping honeyed tones that reverberated like raw lust in the ears.

But in less than a month North Carolina had to go home. The Brat Girl fell into his lap next. It wasn’t too long until she grated him enough that he actually traded her for a roommate’s girl. That lasted a couple of weeks.

All this time One hovered. Not front and center, but peripherally. Around. Part of the group, but clearly her mind was set on him. It wasn’t that long until he knew it.

One wasn’t the first woman who seriously pursued him; 2 years prior he had had significant relationships with two older women. But she was the first younger woman who had wanted him badly … so badly he could see it now in every sinew of her legend-making figure. Her hunger. It was strange … to see it in her … the just below the surface craving … a girl … no, a young gorgeous woman … but still. He could almost smell it. She was making him want to taste it.

He just knew, if he wanted, he would be the first to fuck this 19-year old filly. She was prepared to give it to him. Surrender the cherished virginity she famously flaunted. And a young filly she was.  That slight, tiny awkwardness when she walked … but with all the hints of the gracefulness that was soon to come, stealing your breath like the young Ali McGraw with her movements. One was the first to have that kind of effect on him.

The sex would become extraordinary. One was the first he could teach and show what he knew. And she learned quickly. And well.

And he learned, as well. He learned how to share his soul. For the first time.

He began, too, to learn how to fully appreciate a woman. To drink in and completely immerse himself in all her gifts. How to recognize the starlight in all her features. The beauty in her whole, physical, intellectual, and emotional. One taught him that.

He would use those skills when Five came along.

I Once Knew A Golden Girl

I once knew one. One of those women. Beautiful. Intelligent. Talented. The kind of woman easy to fall for. Built. Stunning to look at.

Like most of us, she had insecurities. But rather than controlling her insecurities, she let them control her.

She could never deal with her fears and insecurities. It was not in the cards for her to overcome them. All she could do was run. I could never do enough to help her change. I failed. Miserably.

One day she just disappeared. I guess she ran away.

I never saw her again.


When It’s Easy

Some say I’m complicated. Others think I’m pretty basic. The reality, naturally, is it depends.

I adapt to what is required. Or is inspired.

Last week SBW, the queen of vids, sent me a very short video.

Wearing only matching black bra and thong, her large blue-grey eyes looked directly at me. The cleavage tantalized.

With a quick movement to push a wayward golden lock behind her ear, she smiled to me.

Tilting her beautiful visage she said only,

“Love you Baby. Have a great night.”

7 words … 6 seconds to completely make my evening.

It’s easy.