Remembering How To Count – FIVE

This is another in a series of quick snapshots of some very unique, sexy women. You can read the first here about ONE.

It was approximately 5 years since he had last seen ONE. And his relationship with FIVE lasted … well, about 5, too. And that first time, they fucked continuously for almost 5 days

It started out in the usual way for him.  Her looks just stopped him dead in his tracks.  It was probably not a good thing, not a good thing at all actually, that her looks reminded him so much of ONE. She was certainly shorter than ONE, and FIVE’s eyes were a medium brown, not ONE’s hazel. The round face, and the dark, short hair that he had come to love clearly did him in. But she verbally waved off all his advances … was not shy at all in letting him know how uninterested she was. Though that turned out to be mostly bravada.

He sweet talked himself into her bed that first Thursday night. The fucking was incredible. It had been almost 3 months since he had jettisoned his Blow Job Queen, and he had had very little sex since. FIVE’s perfect and firm 36Cs (one of the most perfect set of tits he had ever come across) just added to the sensations he was experiencing. Speaking about her 36Cs reminds him of the picture of her he took the next day, braless in a tight red t-shirt, with her nipples prominent. He must dig around and find that picture!

All during those first days and nights he could see, he could feel, the hunger, the hurt, the need, the sadness, the relief, and then the joy. She absorbed all the physicality he could muster and all the passion he gave. Her need was insatiable, to be touched, to be stroked, to be fucked, for him to be a salve for her to release her inner turmoil. Her need was desperate … she clutched him incredibly closely.

Yet despite what he thought he saw happening with her, FIVE, in the beginning, was like you perhaps might imagine a Gay Nineties courtesan to be. Although they fucked in every imaginable position, FIVE was always … calm and relaxed. The fucking up to that point never seemed animalistic in any sense. It was not until a few weeks later that this dimension was added to the sexual repertoire.  She sucked his cock repeatedly, but he never had an orgasm while she did. She needed desperately to have him cum in her pussy.

That Tuesday towards noon it was time for him to pack up his things and head home. There was one last fucking … missionary …  hard yet controlled. FIVE came multiple times. He was uncertain if this was going to develop as a relationship, but one thing he was sure of, in case it didn’t. He was not leaving without having a major orgasm into her mouth. This was a very hot woman that he dearly wanted to have taste him. It was all he could think of at that moment.

He lay quietly on top of her, still plugged in, gently kissing her periodically as their breathing began to return to normal. He was still hard and he eased himself out of her pussy, then quickly moved up to straddle her face.

FIVE eagerly opened her mouth and took him in. He grasped her outstretched arms with his own hands holding them immobile, and simultaneously began to thrust. The thrusting became faster. Fiercer. FIVE kept her eyes tightly shut. Despite having cum not even 10 minutes before, he knew he was close again. It had been an amazing five days and this is how it/he would finish. The sounds were minimal, the bed mildly creaking to the motion and his breathing becoming heavier again. Then he cried out as he climaxed hard one final time. He grasped the headboard as his release filled FIVE’s mouth. She held it there as he began to relax.

He watched as a trickle of his semen seeped from the corner of her mouth. FIVE sighed in contentment. That made two of them. Then she swallowed. Twice.

He finished packing and headed out the door for the 8-hour drive home. He would see FIVE the very next weekend.


At Times My Women Reflect Sadness

Yesterday was not a particularly happy day with the women in Martyland.

  1. I had one of my favorites return home far from my time zone. I enjoyed her being near.
  2. I said a sad, but firm goodbye to another. It was time.
  3. I was less then utterly kind with one. That patience thing.
  4. One of my loves was distraught due to a family member’s sickness.
  5. A woman I treasure has her own serious health issues. Though she will be fine, I lament her illness.
  6. Another favorite had a parent pass.

A time for reflection.


I Can Remember Istanbul

Turkey (and Istanbul) have been often seen in the news of late. Each mention brings back some strong memories for me. Memories that had been, if not forgotten, deeply archived.

The hitchhiking had been poor from Plovdiv toward the Bulgarian-Turkish border. Not a lot of non-commercial traffic back in those days. But finally, a Turkish couple with relatives in the Plovdiv area had given us a lift through to the border, and just to the other side. They turned for home near Edirne which is not far in from the Turkish frontier. It was late afternoon and for some reason the day had been tiring for us. We decided to pitch our pup tent in an empty field off the road.

It was quite chilly when in the morning we awoke. It was unseasonably cold for an early October morning, with frost on the ground all around us. A quick breakfast of boiled eggs and cups of Nescafé heated on our mini camping gaz stove warmed us quickly.

We expertly packed things up, and not long after beginning, a trucker picked us up and took us right into the beginnings of Istanbul. The trucker’s English was surprisingly good, and his truck a new Mack, so different from the usual Scanias, Mercedes, MANs and DAFs on the road. He explained to us what a dolmus was, how, and which one to take to get us into the heart of Istanbul on the European side.

The hustle and bustle of old Istanbul was, at first impression to our untrained eyes, a cross between Moroccan cities and older European centers. Dirty, noisy, chaotic, exotic, yet organized well enough to permit large crowds of traffic and people to get on with their business.

This was the time of Billy Hayes and Midnight Express, where hashish was everywhere, and Istanbul-Constantinople was, as it had always been, the crossroads between East and West.  It seemed that the majority of travelers were youth like ourselves, on the overland route to Nepal, perhaps India, or even Australia. In Istanbul North Americans and Europeans on their way East would meet up with Aussies and Kiwis coming overland from down under. Notes were shared, advice given, and road stories exchanged, often at The Pudding Shop with its infamous bulletin board. The overland route went through Turkey, Iran, and then through Afghanistan and Pakistan to India. While we primarily hitchhiked, the Magic Bus was a popular and easy way to travel, with a major stop in Istanbul, although it cost much more money than we had, plus we had no definitive destination in mind. We went where we thought the wind was taking us.

Soon enough we settled into a dirt cheap hotel, as at that time we were living on less than than $5 a day for both of us. Though cheap and far from cheerful, the hotel was close to all the action and we could see the Hagia Sophia from our window.  It was early afternoon and despite the gloomy surroundings of the room, we both heaved a sigh of relief as we dropped our gear and flopped onto the low rising bed. As I turned to her, I could see that familiar twinkle arise in her hauntingly beautiful hazel eyes.

“Stand up” I said. She rose to her feet beside the bed.

“Strip!” I lovingly commanded.

She bent over and unlaced her boots. Pried each one off with the opposite foot while she steadied herself with a hand on the nearby wall. Then removed her socks. I saw a wry smile come across her thin lips as she undid her belt and slowly lowered her jeans. She began to unbutton her blue denim work shirt …

“No … now the panties,” I said.

The smile grew wider as she slipped off her dingy-colored panties. I reached over and undid the bottom two buttons of her shirt so I could see the landing strip of her crotch. It was my turn to smile. I put one hand on her ass cheek and moved her toward me. As I raised myself on one elbow at the edge of the bed, her pussy was exactly at face level.  I eased my tongue along her slit and heard her sigh as her knees buckled just oh so slightly as I softly continued my leche.

“Now the rest.” I whispered as I raised my head back up.

She backed up a step and unbuttoned the rest of her shirt. She dropped it to the floor. Then she reached behind and unclasped her bra, releasing her 38Cs from their clothed prison. I took all of her in. In great gulps of soothing visual hydration. My heart stopped in awe.

I rose from the bed and kissed her tenderly. I moved behind her and gently pushed on her back to position her over the bed. As she stood, legs apart, slightly trembling, I removed my own boots and socks, unbuckled my belt and dropped my jeans and underwear to the floor. As I slowly began to fuck her I could hear myself beginning a growl. In tune, she began to moan as each stroke went in deeper, each thrust a little firmer.

“Shush” I breathed as I deliberately upped my pace. I wanted to make it as challenging as possible for her to keep quiet. But the walls were paper thin, and there had been movement in the hall just a few minutes before, so clearly others would hear unless we were careful.

While she continued to moan, her body began trembling and I knew she was oh so close. I reached around, and lifting her head I put my hand across her mouth to muffle her cries. Her eyes were wide as she sobbed into my hand and her torso shook with the impact of her orgasm. I gently eased her head back onto the bed and continued with my thrusting, so very close now myself. With gritted teeth in an attempt to hold down my own noise I emptied into her.

We stayed still for a moment … freed from the frenzy but forever caught in the connection.

Then we laid down above the covers of the bed, me with my shirt still on.

After 15 or 20 minutes we began to stir. We were hungry. And we wanted to explore a little while there was still light.