Mid Week Fantasizing … Is It Any Wonder?

I awoke this morning with a smile. It struck me that I had been dreaming. About you. About us.

One of those explicit dreams I have from time to time. I guess you are on my mind. But time, distance, and circumstance keeps us apart. I suppose in my mind is the only place we will meet in the near future.

You were kneeling in front of me … what else is new? I unzipped my jeans and let you have me. You licked slowly and deliberately, across every inch of surface.  While watching the reaction in my face with those wide eyes of yours.

My hands were in your hair. But I was not directing your head. My hands were only along for the ride. This was your show. You most definitely were in charge.  You were doing what you wanted. What you craved. What you needed. What we needed.

You took all of me. Slowly and deliberately. Prolonging our pleasure. Feasting at your own pace. I know you liked having the control.  I voiced no complaint.

Is it any wonder?

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