When Secrets Come

There is something very special when secrets are revealed. Without pressure or coercion. When they are freely given. They open you up. They release you. They free you.

She has entrusted me with several of her secrets. That very few, if any, know. Her thoughts, concerning her deep cravings, of her condition, her past, her activities, secrets concerning her closest family.

This is a very important beginning.

Leaving Questions Unanswered

I don’t dream very often. At least not dreams I can remember. But the other night I did and it was very impactful.

I know what was the impetus. I was chatting with someone about thighs earlier in the evening. And you know I really love your thighs. But I’m jumping ahead here.

In the dream you got on all fours. Then turned to look back and gave me your smile to which I inevitably melt. But in the dream that’s not the way I want you. I want you closer. I need you closer. I crave you closer. I can’t live without you closer. I feel as if my existence depends on having you closer.

It’s the intimacy with you I lack. Intimacy is chemistry for me.

These days we have no communication. One by one you cut our channels. This is torture for me, as I am one who needs to communicate several times a day. Suddenly I am exiled to blankness. Nothingness.

Then mysteriously, you added one app with me. But with no warning, you cut that one, too. I am baffled. And hurt.

I kneel behind you. And pull you towards me. Your long, muscular thighs resting on my quads. Taut athletic muscle on taut athletic muscle. Your absolute perfect ass with its firm roundness rests above my crotch, my engorged erection climbing up the small of your back. I begin to feel you as I feel myself.

My hand reaches under and feels your slickness. My palm dampens your landing strip with your own moisture. Then three of my fingers slip inside you. I feel your sigh of pleasure and we begin to reconnect.

I have missed you terribly, the contact, being part of each other’s daily lives. You know I live for this daily rhythm. But my rhythm and routine have changed lately … saying goodbye to old friends and embarking on new challenges. And the progress has been mixed. And it’s been painful. Most everything is difficult these days.

As you rise slightly on your haunches I enter you. We gasp in unison at the sensation, you filled fully by my erection, our bodies finally attached. I move my hand along your firm belly, feeling the ropes of your hard abs. God I love your abs! My other hand reaches for your long, smooth throat and wraps it lovingly. At this moment you are again mine, totally.

Slowly, ever so slowly you inch up and down on me, barely any noticeable movement at all. But I feel you. I sense all your being through every cell in my body.

You just walked away. Convinced that it was the only way for you to carry on … to be a better you. A more devoted you. Even though you were going to surround yourself with all that gave you anguish and misery and brought you down to where I found you, broken. I had thought you were healing, that you would acknowledge it.  But perhaps that only refortified the strength of your convictions.

I know it’s only a dream, but I see you so clearly. Your beautiful mouth opens and your jaw juts just a fraction. Your visage in profile is stunning, a marble Michelangelo in flesh, the depth, the expression to your face mesmerizes. There is no sound … no, this dream is absolutely silent. Your orgasm comes in surging waves as I hold you tightly, passing through you to me, a crescendo that ignites the rocket I have sheathed in you . I, too, then silently climax into the mists of our engagement.

Then you are gone. I awake in a sweat. You have disappeared again.

Why this? Your leaving still unanswered.




Of Bond and Distance

The Cousin was early despite coming from far. He walked into the funeral home alone, but hoping to find his two cousins. He asked an attendant if the family were here.

“Yes”, he said, “but I think they are in a room gathering before we start.”

The Cousin nodded, and exited the building to get some more fresh air after his long drive.

His aunt had been very special for him, a tough as nails woman who knew so much pain and suffering as a child. The Depression was a very unkind era to grow up in, and it was not uncommon for poverty and death to split families apart.  Though that background made her strict and unflinching, it never clouded her ability to show great love and kindness. When the Cousin was a boy, she had always been there for him when he needed her.

As he walked in the gently warming sunlight he recalled how he had been there for her too when she had lost the middle cousin, more even then her husband and other children. The Cousin and his aunt had had a bond together formed in tragedies.

And now she was gone, too.

The Cousin walked back into the funeral home. There in the lobby was his baby cousin with her husband. Standing beside her was another man the Cousin did not recognize. He was well dressed and sported a gray goatee with a full head of hair. Goateed Man was silent. But he watched closely as the Cousin hugged and kissed his baby cousin.  They spoke tenderly for 3 or 4 minutes, Goateed Man never yielding them appropriate space.

Finally Goateed Man, his deep blue eyes blazing fiercely addressed the Cousin.

“You have absolutely no idea who I am, do you?”

The unmistakable lilt in the voice along with its gentleness shook the Cousin to his core. Embarrassed him. Shamed him. His face flushed.

How could he not have recognized his own cousin? Impossible!

A  year apart in age , they had played as brothers when children, most times inseparable. Church picnics, Cub Scouts, sports teams. Running through the bush behind the cousins’ home, wild free spirits. They reveled in the other’s courage and daring, pushing limits, one always covering for the other when they inevitably got into trouble.

laughing-boys1It had been years since they had seen each other. Since the death of the cousin’s younger brother. And no communication in that long time interval.

Though best of friends as children, they had always been different, only the blue eyes the same. The Cousin with his mother’s, and cousin those of his father. Eyes than shone a warm and deep hue … until provoked when they turned an icy cobalt.

“Oh my God” gasped the Cousin as he grasped then hugged warmly Goateed Man.

“Where did the beard come from?”

His cousin just smiled back at him. “I’ve had it for a few years,” he said. “I look good with it don’t you think?”

“Yes you do!” the Cousin shot back

“You need to get one too,” said the cousin. “You were always the thinker in the family.”

The rest of the afternoon, as when they were 10, they were inseparable. They caught up on lives, laughed over their pasts and briefly became brothers again.

That evening on the drive home the Cousin couldn’t help but weep.

For his aunt.

And for his  lost cousin