The Full Measure

A coach I had once called me his super mortal.  That was a long, long time ago, but strangely enough, my current coach called me the same thing the other day. I’m not, of course. Gawd, I am eminently mortal.   But it does serve to remind me of things.

Mostly it reminds me how intense I can be. When I focus, there are no limits. I am unstoppable. Over my business career, almost every job or posting I have had has taken two people to adequately replace me. I left one summer job when I was in college, and in fact, it took three people to do my job. I’m pretty proud of that. When I was in high school and working part-time, I remember the facility’s assistant manager talking to the manager, not knowing I was within earshot, saying I was the best part-timer he had ever seen.

In business, I was the go-to guy to get things done. I was always in charge of the impossible projects. They sent people from around the world to sit at my feet and learn how.

tumblr_mzj1bn5jmp1qlwx41o1_5001But no one said ever “Wow, look how he gets things done by doing it with half measures.”

But that strength is, wouldn’t you know it, one of my greatest weaknesses. I’m unstoppable. While I’m generally pretty casual and a laid back kind of guy, once I am focused, you definitely get the full measure. And my full measure can be just plain too much for many. It’s overwhelming. It scares them. They worry over my expectations.

Sometimes women fear they won’t measure up over the longer term. When that happens, I miss out. And I hate missing out!

There’s got to be a better way.

13 thoughts on “The Full Measure

  1. “Sometimes women fear they won’t measure up over the longer term.” And when a woman has that fear her course is often one of flight. Even if she stays, she withdraws a part of herself to protect from the inevitable disappointment. I don’t think you need to give less than your full measure, just make sure she knows that you appreciate and love HER full measure. ❤

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  2. This resonated with me as well. The other day I told L that it’s so exhausting holding back while I’m with other people. “Pretending to be normal, to be like them?” he smirked, and I said, “YES!” For the first time I don’t have to curb my sexuality or my quick thinking, the way my mind skips ahead four steps before he’s even finished speaking the first line. What a relief! To be oneself, in full measure–that is a magnificent goal.

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  3. But tread carefully, Marty. We Earthling Women don’t always appreciate full-on, dedicated attention. I agree with Dana: sometimes the course is one of flight…and maybe for the wrong reasons. Don’t smother!

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      • Are you assuming I’m not a workaholic ?! Well.. you’re right on that one. I think that it’s more meaningful to you, when it’s someone that is closer to your position or someone you respect. I don’t think that means it’s less relatable for us who don’t practice the same things. I see it on a different scale is all, and what I can be impressed with can of course, be different then what impresses you. I don’t know if you were insinuating that I shouldn’t be impressed, either way it’s a feeling and thought that entered ,so I told you. 🙂

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