Winter in the Labyrinth

I haven’t known what to do. The maze has held me captive for so long. Much longer than I care to admit to. She built it, and I came. Willingly. In our early spring I wandered happily, following the lavender scented expressions she gave.. Then came our summer, a goddess’ golden gift. Secrets shared, desires confessed, and life issues addressed. She was never really mine; I knew that. But we pretended she was, and for a time, that was all that mattered. I felt she gave me all of what she was capable. Though sharp and painful, the thorns of her shut downs were all so easy to sustain  among the sultry fragrance of her petals.

The summer zephyrs gave way to the chill of a northern autumn’s approach. The flowers withered before my eyes from the icy blasts. I cried as the petals blew from the bush, disappearing into the wind swept distance I knew I would never walk. Vague words and images of incredible beauty come, then swirl out of reach.

Now it’s winter.

I am cold.

I am ill. .

A willing prisoner before, I know now I must escape. The labyrinth holds no more allure. The maze is tiresome. The warren of all its secrets is a burden I no longer care to lift nor search.  It is but a prison. No exit. No longer any entrance visible. No finale. Escape I know I must.

I will.

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