Comprehending the Beauty Is In the Detail

Don’t get me wrong. The overall impression is very important. Critical.

But I can’t get past the need to fully grasp all the fine detail in any piece of work. Or art.

I so dislike carelessness. And lack of thought or foresight. Appreciating Michelangelo is observing and trying to comprehend everything.

What brings this up? Issues with a woman, of course.

Let me backtrack a bit. The “issue” with this woman reminded me of a post I had written some time ago. I thought its ending was quite appropriate for my mindset at this moment. And as I reread it, I was struck by the various details written in the post I had somehow managed to remember from so many years before. Those details served to reinforce the experience in my mind. As minuscule as each might be, collectively they were important. They keep “it” all together. And in perspective.

And with this woman, I do need to keep the overall and details in proper perspective.

If you have the chance (or inclination), here is the post. Brickworks. I

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