It’s Nice When They Appreciate (III) The Green Couch

Marcie and I were seeing each other most nights. While we would generally hang out at my house on weekends, during the week we tended to alternate between my house and her large apartment in an older section of town. Though older, the building was well maintained, and super clean. And the rooms were quite large. Following the night described here we decided the next evening would be at Marcie’s. The attention she had paid to my cock was really intoxicating, and I knew I’d be ready for a lot more the next night. And I suspected so was Marcie.

This upcoming night was my midweek basketball night, though, and it was an important game. With a beer after the game, it would be near 11:30 – midnight before I would get to her place, so she should be prepared for that.

I gave her some instructions for the preparation.

I promised to phone her when I was leaving the bar. But she was to prep herself for my arrival. I wanted her to be waiting for me in my favorite room in her apartment … the living room. This room was quite large, with original dark oak floors, covered by an enormous oriental rug. There were 4 original iron radiators.

When I arrived she was to be naked, on the room’s couch … memorably green in color … perched on forearms and knees, her ass lifted and facing my direction. And two of her “smelly” candles were to be lit … no other lighting.

She was also to be mentally prepared for me to be ravenous with her. She was to be a total “good girl”, knowing that I potentially would be using “all” of her. Especially if we won the basketball game. Her upturned ass was to be adequately lubed, and the tube to be available nearby, just in case. I was a little more “direct” with her than normal. Marcie reacted well. I could almost see her smiling on the other end of the phone.

I wasn’t certain what would happen … nor in which order … but I was expecting it was going to be memorable.

… to be continued.

The Ski Break … Part (3)

The recent Marty-replay I did with a story about Marcie stirred some old memories. It brought another story to mind.  Part (1) is here and part (2) can be found here

And I thought to myself this was a very good start to an exciting upcoming week.

Marcie and I then slept for several hours. but soon enough it was time for another round. I woke up to feeling her sucking my cock which had become hard, unbeknownst to me. I really can’t remember the details, but I am certain we had a wild session before drifting off, once again to sleep. Then a few hours later I remember a lusty go which included my cock sliding into Marcie’s very firm, tennis-trained ass. A little clean up, then more sleep.

The prearranged wake-up call at 6:30 came soon enough. There was just enough time for her to go down on me again before she had to scamper away and go to her room to get ready to meet her work colleagues for breakfast and begin another conference day at the hotel.

I stayed in bed a few more minutes, but I, too, needed to get going. I had a full day of hard downhill skiing ahead of me. Though very cold, it was bright and glorious for a day on the slopes.

After a quick shower and shave I hurried downstairs to have breakfast in the dining room. There Marcie was seated with a female work mate. I was given a small table 3 rows over and a couple of tables back. As I perused the morning paper, I espied Marcie’s table mate eyeing me, but I really didn’t think much of it at the time.

Marcie’s group headed out to do their thing and I finished up my breakfast shortly thereafter. Then it was out to the slopes for a hard day!

Even though I was in very good shape, my skiing legs weren’t there yet. So around 3:30 I called it a day. Besides, a nice hot shower and a few hours of nap time would prepare me well for the upcoming night time play with Marcie. I was hoping to keep her busy the whole night.  Marcie’s group, I knew, would be out for dinner elsewhere, so I had lots of time for a good nap and an easy, casual dinner.

At about 9pm she called me from her room and then headed over to mine. As she came in, she was laughing. After inquiring about each other’s day, she said,

“Do you remember breakfast this morning?”

“Yes, more or less.” I answered. “Why?”

“Well Angela thought you were super cute. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of you.”

“Did you tell her who I was?”

“No, of course not! Spouses and boyfriends aren’t allowed, you know that.”

“Oh,” I said. “You just kept mum on everything?”

“Yes!” Marcie replied. “It was so much fun listening to her go on. She said ‘ What’s a man like that doing alone, single here at this hotel? I wonder what he does?’ I just smiled and said ‘I have no idea.’ You intrigue her very much, Marty.”

“Hmm, this could be a good game.” I replied with a grin.

And with that, the nightly romp began. I won’t bore you any more with the details, because it was just more of the same. With shower sex, and pressed against the window sex, and perched on the room’s desk sex, and …

But it was great fun, because I had had my nap, and was not going to let her sleep much. That’s how every night was filled … and every opening often … right through the week. Poor Marcie could barely keep awake during her business sessions. And every morning at breakfast I “seemed” to be somebody else to Marcie’s colleague Angela. It was so much fun posing as a mystery man for her.

But the week came to an end, and Friday night was our last night at the ski resort. Marcie was to drive home with me, and that was a very special trip, which is coming up …




Midweek Fantasizing (IX) – The Timetable

2d417995291c1c0fa1855c745c403284bbce01c9_large[1]It’s hot in Paris in August. But you don’t mind. You revel in the heat. And your big, beautiful smile hasn’t left your stunning visage since you arrived 2 days ago.

And when you are happy, I’m all smiles, too. Your love of the museums, the art, the history, the monuments is infectious. I know you are having the time of your life. You’ve always dreamed of being here. And well, here you are!

I chuckle every morning when I see the schedule you’ve drawn up for us each day. All the things we need to accomplish so our time is well spent not only in this magnificent city, but together, too. But I make sure you leave time for the cafes and people watching, a fine restaurant or two, and back to the apartment to be tucked in by 10 pm.

Because then we are on my schedule. I have a timetable too. Great sex before 11. More at 12:30. Again at 2 am. Probably an intense session between 3:30 and 4:00. And here we are at 5:30. Your luscious ass is calling me. It truly needs to be filled.

Another wonderful start to a perfect day.

The Gift

tumblr_ljxl96x4zZ1qzabkfo1_500[1]I watched her as she walked around to the foot of the bed. She said nothing, but I knew. Even in the dimness, she glowed. The light always graces her inherent beauty. We had already made love twice this evening, once slightly rough from the rear, and once more gently from the side. In between we had gone out to dinner and laughed and smiled, let down our hair.

I knew what she wanted. I knew what she was after. I knew what she was getting. Cassandra returned, stretched across the king-sized bed, and softly spread lube over my erection.

“You’re ready right now?” I asked.

“Yes, very ready” she answered.

She had never done “that” before. For many years never would even consider it. For all the obvious reasons. Now she wanted it. With me. Have me be her first. And this I wanted, too. I very much craved it with her.

Our whole relationship is deepening so quickly over such a short time span. A woman who less than a year ago was completely unable to give me the slightest commitment to literally anything, now commits totally, unprodded, unpushed. If I think about the dramatic changes in her I can be overwhelmed.

She lay down in front of me and pressed close. I slid my cock along her ass cheeks, then gently poked.  I pushed the head in carefully, ever so slightly.

I asked about pain. There was none. I pushed in more. Still no discomfort. In further … slight pain. I withdrew some. Then eased deeper again. Always pressed close to her, arm wrapped tightly around her. I could feel her. She surprised me. She was so relaxed, no tenseness at all. I hoped she could feel my love in return.

“I’m in all the way, Baby. Are you alright?”

“Mmmm yes Darling. It’s wonderful. There’s no pain. You feel fantastic.”

I slowly began fucking her, pumping tenderly. Then the pace increased. I held her tightly. I was moving in and out purposefully, deliberately. The deeply sublime sensations flooding both body and mind. My grunts quickened, her moans increased.

“Cum in me! Cum in me Darling! Please, cum in me!”

My head thrown back, my breathing furious, I was so close. I felt her clench around me.

I exploded in her.

We lay quietly. Though it was mere moments, I knew it was lasting. I tried to absorb the impact, my heart racing to the duality, the physical, and the intensity of emotions I was experiencing. And what I knew she was feeling. The depth of the gift. The meaning. The closeness of Two. The Oneness of us.

I suspect I will be the Only for some time.