The Universe Responds

earth_space[1]Perhaps you will remember the recent post  about attending my garden (of women). I did make a valiant effort at pruning, and I thought I’d catch you up on what has transpired.

My first candidate for the shears was Ronnie. I haven’t written very much of her, and with good reason. Frankly, not much has happened. Her inability to arrange suitable get together times has frustrated me for long past the patience of mere mortal males. She has been a major disappointment, and here was the opportune time for me to cut my (time) losses. Then, miracle of miracles, as I slowed the pace of communication and showcased some of my frustrations, she became more responsive. Move her from the definite to go to the maybe can stay pile. Grrrr!

Next for the pruning snips was all communication with Cassandra. Our lives were definitely headed in different directions, and although the fondness and tenderness would always be there (and her for me, I knew), practically speaking there was not going to be any immediate payoff registering on my emotional grid. I had already mentally said goodbye. What remained was just perfunctory closure.

As I transmitted that message to the galaxy, it was received throughout the universe. And  the universe decided to respond. A minor action somewhere distant to her world caused a barely noticeable tremor near to her, which led to slow but steady, like a dripping faucet, deterioration elsewhere. This caused mon beau papillon to flutter her wings anew, to explore, and send her own signals out to the galaxy.

When the waltz began, the music, the touching, the renewed closeness lifted her spirits, which in turn, brightened my days.. As a result she has asked to visit. These days we live far, far apart.

But I believe it will happen.

All Good

Despite our inability to physically meet up lately, we have been getting closer and closer. I find myself not only highly attracted, but I’m becoming very attached. Every day I learn more about you. I’m understanding what you like, what you want, and  where you need to be pushed. Push you I shall.

I like that I can tell you always get what you want. I like even better that you want me. And what I will do. And what we can be. All good.

I like your style.


It was so good seeing you on your phone’s cam the other night. Even though your family was around so we had to be careful.

But it just reminded me of when. When will I see you in front of me. When will you strip as I sit in the chair and watch? When will I have you on all fours on the bed as I push your head down and run my hands all over your body, feel you tremble beneath my hand and quiver at my words? When will you put your hands behind your back and have me put on the cuffs you love so much? When will I push the plug into your awaiting ass to prepare you? When will I spank your firm ass?

Soon I think!

Digital Dexterity

Sometimes I really need to be careful. At the end of my work day this evening, at the same time I had Julie on chat, Eloise and Cassandra on text, and Bella and Ronnie emailing me back and forth. I had to watch not only my words, but my fingers too. Usually it never happens like this. Most of them live hundreds, even thousands of miles apart. Only Cassandra knows about all the others. But of course she didn’t know I was having a conversation  with anyone else, let alone 4 other women at the same time.

But you can never have too much of a good thing(s).