Sea Waves [II]

This is part [II] of Cassandra’s upcoming visit. You can refresh your memory with part [I] here

I have booked an airport hotel room for Cassandra when she arrives. Her flight will be one of the last ones in. Alas, I can not meet it. I have one of those unavoidable life circumstances happening. I won’t be able to see her until sometime the next morning.

Since I could not be there in person to welcome her to my city, I thought I would be considerate and cache in the room some meaningful items for her:

— a splendid bottle of one of her favored white wines on ice

– some sparking water which she enjoys to refresh after the long flight

– a rose in her favorite color on the pillow to hint of my presence the next morning

All good in theory. But getting to the hotel is proving to be a significant challenge. My appointment at the extreme opposite end of the city went long. As in way, way long. Which caused me to be in the midst of rush hour traffic toward the hotel. And today’s rush hour was one of the worst in recent times what with volume, and accidents. And my next appointment is also far from the hotel.

The rabbits’ feet and horse shoes better start their magic … soon.