I Heard a Story

Bella and I had some alone time a few days ago.  It was quiet. And nice.

She opened up a bit … something that is very rare for her to do.

Bella told me of a past love. From many years ago. A man she met while living for a time in New York. She fell heavily for him.

She followed him to the other side of the globe, it was that intense.

The time with him was magical, and she had made up her mind to stay and make her life with this man.

Then he told her it wasn’t to be. It wouldn’t work. This was not what he wanted.

Crushed, she returned home to start life anew.

The story greatly saddened me. I don’t understand how such a gentle, gracious, beautiful flower could not satisfy this man.

Some things I know I will never be able to comprehend. This is one.


Church Bells and Adventure

I am away. I am away on an adventure.Texts with Cassandra early this morning have reminded me I’ve always loved adventure. Since my first major adventure on my own at 17.

I am in a tiny medieval European village. I awake to the peal of church bells rousing the nearby roosters to prepare to perform their sunrise duty. An hour later the bells cry out again to the workers to come and begin the day’s labor in the fields. I hear a donkey bray.

The bells have sounded this way for centuries, providing order and structure, governance and stability. The antithesis of adventure.  Man can not exist on adventure alone.

A significant part of the adventure includes women. Beautiful women. Intelligent and successful. Literally surrounding me. My beautiful Bella just brought me a fresh coffee. I gaze slack-jawed at the good fortune I have engineered. I am the perpetual  8 year old in the candy shop, who rushes from glass display case to glass display case, unable to choose his favorite.

But there is an almost insurmountable problem in this adventureland paradise. The 8 year-old has no money! Due to circumstance, the candy can not be eaten, even when clearly it wishes to be consumed. The adventure is grand, but alas, not perfect

The boy must await another time to partake of his addiction.



Here’s a bit of an update …

600full-alessandra-ambrosio[1]I haven’t mentioned her in I don’t know how long … the very lovely Bella. Click these links if you’d like a bit of quick history on her.   When we met  …  how she can affect me …  and how even keeled she is … She’s not as a young as the girl in this pic, but every bit as striking in her bikini, with deep brown eyes and slim, firm athletic legs.

She has, of course, been much in the background most of the past year. We are still friends, and have always been in touch regularly.  Although I haven’t been, until recently,  responding to her texts and calls as quickly as I used to, that has all changed.  And she is still as stunning as ever. To see that cute, perfect ass in a pair of tight shorts can be overwhelming. I still remember the first time I saw her 5 years ago. How my head kept swiveling in her direction. How I thought she was oblivious to it. She wasn’t!

But over the past month or two, I think she has sensed a change in me. A growing glow towards her.  We have been getting closer again. Daily good morning and good night texts, and regular contact throughout the day. She has been out of town most of the past month and I do miss her presence. There are times I fancy her very much.

I wonder if this might be headed somewhere?

The Problem Here …

lingerie%20women%20bar%20refaeli%20monochrome%20greyscale%201920x1200%20wallpaper_www.wallpaperto.com_74[1]The other night I was at the pub with a few friends celebrating a birthday (not mine!). Bella was there, and as is usual, Boudicca and her husband arrived late to the table.

Boudicca gave me a warm hug as her husband seated himself next to me, then she beside him.  As she bent over to embrace me, naturally I had a prime view of her lusting breasts. Though dressed casually, she was in magazine-cover looking form.

As soon as Boudicca sat down, I noticed the two mid level buttons undone on her blouse. I clearly could see her tits pushing at the constraints on her black mini bra. Now both Boudicca and Bella are women supremely confident in their looks, but also the kind who pay meticulous attention to detail on all aspects of their appearance.  Unclasped buttons do not just happen on women such as these.

Throughout the evening Bella eyed me and tossed her full, dark mane from side to side several times when she had caught my eye. She knows I adore this.

What exactly is the problem here, then? Apparently I am the problem! I paid both of them scant attention. And clearly they were looking for some. These are two of my favorites. Both stunning lookers.

I must have issues.




Now That Was A No No

butt-jeans-628x363[1]We have chatted for a while about the 4 lbs you’ve gained. It’s not an issue with me at all, of course. I love you any way you are. But you are so conscious of your weight and figure and beauty. Even more than other women.

But when I playfully said “I can see where those 4 lbs have gathered” I immediately said to self –

“Well Marty,  that is probably the dumbest thing you have done in a very long time.”

To my utter shock you just batted your long eyelashes, smiled and said “Oh, you can? I’m working on it”. No drama, no reverberations. A beautiful email to me later.

No wonder I love you.

That Fixed Things!

Just_a_tender_hug____by_Ottokees[1]That certainly worked to get me out of my funk. It didn’t take much. Seeing you for a short time on the weekend. Getting to hug you even if it was platonic and watching your big brown eyes look up at me. I felt the electricity run through you. My heart was racing, too. And discreetly tugging your pony-tailed hair. No one saw. That was our secret.

That’s all it took. Now I’m back to my usual self. Craving. Things are good.




It’s Been 4 Years

It’s almost 4 years since I first met you. It is difficult to believe it has been that long. But I remember as if it were yesterday.

We were in a group doing warm up exercises. I had just joined and you were to my left. Quite literally, my jaw dropped. You were stunning! I had not seen such beauty close up in so long. With your raven hair pony-tailed, your radiant face was open for my eyes to feast. Feast they did. From your bedazzling smile to your firm athletic legs. I was instantly mesmerized. And I remain so.

It took us more than a year to draw closely together. We have had our ebbs and flows but I still feel very close. And I want more




Setting Priorities

Bella was away all this week. And we didn’t communicate at all. I don’t think once directly. Which is very strange for us. We usually email or chat 5 or 6 times a day.

I just didn’t feel like it. I don’t even know why. Because I certainly missed her. I missed her quite a bit, actually. And since she’s gotten home late this afternoon, we have communicated several times.

She missed me, too.

She will be a priority this week.