Buttons, Toggles, and Switches

She has many outstanding features. Her figure. Her smile. All her physical attributes.

But right now the feature that is setting me off is her nipples. Not mere buttons, they more resemble toggles. Long, dark, and hard. Like on the dashboard of an MG TD.  The difference being that they turn me on, not that I use them to turn something on.

Oh wait, yes I can! And I will.

I’m getting impatient.

Mid Week Fantasizing — The 3some

These posts (Mid Week Fantasizing) are all about fantasies. They definitely are not a documentary of my past actions. More like a potential road map of where I’d like to go … maybe.

A while ago SBW (Strikingly Beautiful Woman) and I were chatting. We talked about how she has a dream of going to Paris. And having me fuck her there on a balcony from which you can see the Eiffel Tower.

And then she has fantasies. Secret fantasies. HOT secret fantasies.

She confided in me about one that no one else knows. How much do I love that? Knowing a beautiful woman’s hot, secret fantasy! Particularly when I’m part of it! The convo went something like this …

SBW: I’d even share you with another woman. But she’d have to be VERY hot. With small tits.

Marty: You’d share me in a three-some?

SBW: Yes, I would. I’m an Alpha woman. But I would want your cum. I think that would be super hot!

SBW: You watching…me watching… I’d like that.

Marty: You both sucking my cock at the same time? That would be hot for me

SBW: Me too. Mmmm…you would like that

Marty: What would you want to do with the other woman?

SBW: I’ve never kissed one. I bet it would be so soft. I’d like to undress her. But she’d have to have small tits.

Marty: Why small tits?

SBW: That’s just what I like. With great nipples

Marty: What would you do after you undressed her? Are you going to strip for me?

SBW: We’ll let her undress me. I want her panties still on. Then I’ll touch her tits… softly first. Before kissing them. Licking her nipples. And then taking them in my mouth.

Marty: What if she’s stroking me while you do this?

SBW: Mmmm…even better. I want her to suck on my nipples. To see a beautiful girl with my nipple in her mouth would be so fucking hot! I’ll run my fingers through her hair. Tug on it. And bring her back up to my mouth. Lots of kissing. Would you like this?

Marty: I would. But I’d need something for my cock to do

SBW: We won’t leave you out. I promise. You know how much I want your cock in my mouth. But I’ll let her suck you. While I kiss her stomach. And make my way to her panties. Inhaling her.

Marty: Is she shaved?

SBW: Yes, totally. I want to kiss her through the lace. Feel how wet I’m making her panties. I’ll use my fingers to push them aside…but I want to keep them on. Then I’m going to watch you while you watch my finger slide into her pussy for the first time.

Marty: You know I love to watch you

SBW: I wonder if it will feel like my own… I’m so curious. And I want to watch your face. While your dick is in her mouth. And my finger is slipping in and out of her pussy.

Marty: Oh? No jealousy?

SBW: No! Because you’re mine. She’s just a toy. I want to taste her. I’ve only tasted myself…I’m so curious.  I’m going to take off her panties. You’re going to take off mine and put your fingers inside me. And then put them in your mouth.

SBW: I’ll lay her down and be on all fours between her spread legs. I’m going to lick her for the first time while you drive your cock into me. I want her knees up by her ears so I can lick her from her ass to her clit.

Marty: You want to rim her don’t you

SBW: I do.

SBW: Then it will be time for her to taste me on your cock. I want to watch her lick me off of your dick. Do you want to fuck her? While I sit on her face?

Marty: Perhaps I just might.

SBW:  I want you to fuck her. I’m turned around so I can look you in the eye while you fuck her. Don’t you dare cum in her!.

Marty: While you’re on her face I’ll withdraw and put my cock in your mouth.

SBW: Good, I’ve missed your cock.

Marty: Then you can taste her as I cum down your throat

SBW: I‘m going to cum while she’s eating my ass and I’m gulping down your cock.

Whew  that was very hot … there was a bit of a break and then later that evening she said:

SBW: I said some kind of fucked up kinky sex stuff

I, of course, reassured her that her words and thoughts were no such thing. They were a fantasy. A very hot one, too.

Previously we had had some discussion on the likelihood of a female trainer she sometimes uses as a part of our potential 3some. It really wasn’t going anywhere because SBW (despite her active mind!) tends to be a little timid in person.

But Marty isn’t quite as shy. I think I may have found the perfect 3rd. My … ahem … Rolodex has the just the one. Her name is Amor Rose.


For Blog Pic

Small firm tits, 32C, deliciously fit (she’s a half marathoner), and very, very beautiful, with long dark hair. Late 30s. Her nipples are outstanding, large, projecting, and dark chocolate colored. SBW will love her. And Amor Rose will love SBW. And Marty? Why he gets to make everyone happy. A win-win-win.

And let’s do it in Paris. Because that would be le glaçage sur le gateau.






Midweek Fantasizing … I’m Focused

posting_41603_lg[1]I’ve had this image in my mind for the past couple of weeks. In fact I can’t get it out of my mind.

I see her clearly. Above me. Fabulous breasts hanging down to my face. Unbelievable! She looks down smiling.

I kiss.

I lick.

I suck.

I touch.

I fondle.

I play with.

I pull.

I tweak

I twist.

I nibble.

I bite.

I gorge.

She cums.

But that’s irrelevant,  because it’s all about what I want. Right now.

I want more of course. I adore all her parts and crevices. But at this moment that’s my focus. Which is a bit strange for a multi-faceted lover like me.

I want what I want.

And I want those breasts and nipples. For me.

And I want to send her home with bite marks and bruises. Like I’ve done before.

Midweek Fantasizing [VI] – Fireflies


I day dreamed this yesterday

We walk into the hotel room. Though we are both tired from the long day, the fatigue does not dull our sense of excitement. It has been several weeks since we have seen and held each other, and we crave reconnection.

As we tenderly kiss, our hands instinctively roam the other’s body. I hear, and feel her sighing, reflecting the day’s travel weariness yet simultaneously being uplifted by the pleasure of being held and touched, and anticipation for what will surely follow.

I walk her across the room to the floor to ceiling window, curtains open, overlooking a stunning cavalcade of bright lights many stories below, 200 yards in the distance. She gasps at the miracle sight surrounded by and within the illumination.  From the darkness of our room it’s as if a hundred million fireflies announce the celebration of our reunion.

Facing the window, Cassandra slowly undresses, until finally naked, she moves to the window and presses herself against it. Warm flesh meets glass chilled by bitter late night autumn air. Nipples on heavy breasts are quick to point then harden as they are pinned to the cold pane.

She turns her beautiful face to the side to look at me. She smiles broadly.

“This is so amazing to behold” she whispers.

Transfixed by her beauty I can only look at her and say in return “Yes, it surely is.”

Seducing Annie (III)

See Part (I) here and Part (II) here.

The sun was quite hot for mid June where the convention had taken place. But I reveled in it as I headed out the hotel lobby’s entrance. Down the quiet road I went, easing into it as I felt my muscles begin to loosen and my head to further clear. I picked up the pace as the road to the hotel met the main 2-lane highway. At the intersection I turned north and stayed on the pavement, as despite being a highway, it was deserted of traffic.It was going to be a good workout. The rolling hills I saw up ahead were sure going to drain last night’s alcohol out of my system. After about 3/4 of a mile of slowly increasing the pace I bore down and picked it up a significant notch hitting a good tempo pace. The sweat was beginning to cascade off my face and I could feel every part of my body adjusting to the quickening rhythm.

Up in the distance I could see a few houses coming into view at the top of a rise. I was getting close to the village. I was looking forward to getting there and maybe grabbing a drink. Behind me I could hear what sounded like a sporty-type car approaching … fast. I could hear the driver gearing down as it slowed and then pulled off to the shoulder on the other side of the road. Out from the driver’s seat popped a smiling Annie! God she looked so hot!

“I thought I would come out and see if you needed a drink” she said as she held out a cool water bottle.

“Yes, thank you, I would” I gasped as I took the bottle. We chatted for a bit and then she offered to drive into the village and give me a mini tour.

“Sure” I said. “Sounds like fun”. I couldn’t believe my luck. This very cute woman with such a fabulous, sexy accent was trying to hustle me. What could be better?

After the tour and a little more chit chat she drove me back to the spot where she had met me.

“I’ll drive you back to the hotel, if you’d like,” she offered.

“No, no thank you. I’d better finish my run. I need it”.

We sat there awkwardly for several seconds. Neither venturing to take the next step.

Then, Annie pounced. “How would you like a tour of the city this evening? No one knows it like a local. I will show you all the sights.” I could see her dark brown eyes sparkle when she said this. And did her nipples just harden? Or were they they always like that and I just hadn’t noticed? Nope. I would have definitely noticed.

“That’s a wonderful idea. I accept. Under one condition.”

“What’s that?” she asked raising her right eyebrow.

“That you let me buy you dinner first. And you choose where.”

“It’ a deal” she replied. “I’ll pick you up in the lobby at 7”.

With that she and her beautiful nipples jumped back into the roadster and roared off. Leaving a very happy road runner in her wake. I was developing a semi.