It’s Nice When They Appreciate (III) The Green Couch

Marcie and I were seeing each other most nights. While we would generally hang out at my house on weekends, during the week we tended to alternate between my house and her large apartment in an older section of town. Though older, the building was well maintained, and super clean. And the rooms were quite large. Following the night described here we decided the next evening would be at Marcie’s. The attention she had paid to my cock was really intoxicating, and I knew I’d be ready for a lot more the next night. And I suspected so was Marcie.

This upcoming night was my midweek basketball night, though, and it was an important game. With a beer after the game, it would be near 11:30 – midnight before I would get to her place, so she should be prepared for that.

I gave her some instructions for the preparation.

I promised to phone her when I was leaving the bar. But she was to prep herself for my arrival. I wanted her to be waiting for me in my favorite room in her apartment … the living room. This room was quite large, with original dark oak floors, covered by an enormous oriental rug. There were 4 original iron radiators.

When I arrived she was to be naked, on the room’s couch … memorably green in color … perched on forearms and knees, her ass lifted and facing my direction. And two of her “smelly” candles were to be lit … no other lighting.

She was also to be mentally prepared for me to be ravenous with her. She was to be a total “good girl”, knowing that I potentially would be using “all” of her. Especially if we won the basketball game. Her upturned ass was to be adequately lubed, and the tube to be available nearby, just in case. I was a little more “direct” with her than normal. Marcie reacted well. I could almost see her smiling on the other end of the phone.

I wasn’t certain what would happen … nor in which order … but I was expecting it was going to be memorable.

… to be continued.

Mid Week Fantasizing — The 3some

These posts (Mid Week Fantasizing) are all about fantasies. They definitely are not a documentary of my past actions. More like a potential road map of where I’d like to go … maybe.

A while ago SBW (Strikingly Beautiful Woman) and I were chatting. We talked about how she has a dream of going to Paris. And having me fuck her there on a balcony from which you can see the Eiffel Tower.

And then she has fantasies. Secret fantasies. HOT secret fantasies.

She confided in me about one that no one else knows. How much do I love that? Knowing a beautiful woman’s hot, secret fantasy! Particularly when I’m part of it! The convo went something like this …

SBW: I’d even share you with another woman. But she’d have to be VERY hot. With small tits.

Marty: You’d share me in a three-some?

SBW: Yes, I would. I’m an Alpha woman. But I would want your cum. I think that would be super hot!

SBW: You watching…me watching… I’d like that.

Marty: You both sucking my cock at the same time? That would be hot for me

SBW: Me too. Mmmm…you would like that

Marty: What would you want to do with the other woman?

SBW: I’ve never kissed one. I bet it would be so soft. I’d like to undress her. But she’d have to have small tits.

Marty: Why small tits?

SBW: That’s just what I like. With great nipples

Marty: What would you do after you undressed her? Are you going to strip for me?

SBW: We’ll let her undress me. I want her panties still on. Then I’ll touch her tits… softly first. Before kissing them. Licking her nipples. And then taking them in my mouth.

Marty: What if she’s stroking me while you do this?

SBW: Mmmm…even better. I want her to suck on my nipples. To see a beautiful girl with my nipple in her mouth would be so fucking hot! I’ll run my fingers through her hair. Tug on it. And bring her back up to my mouth. Lots of kissing. Would you like this?

Marty: I would. But I’d need something for my cock to do

SBW: We won’t leave you out. I promise. You know how much I want your cock in my mouth. But I’ll let her suck you. While I kiss her stomach. And make my way to her panties. Inhaling her.

Marty: Is she shaved?

SBW: Yes, totally. I want to kiss her through the lace. Feel how wet I’m making her panties. I’ll use my fingers to push them aside…but I want to keep them on. Then I’m going to watch you while you watch my finger slide into her pussy for the first time.

Marty: You know I love to watch you

SBW: I wonder if it will feel like my own… I’m so curious. And I want to watch your face. While your dick is in her mouth. And my finger is slipping in and out of her pussy.

Marty: Oh? No jealousy?

SBW: No! Because you’re mine. She’s just a toy. I want to taste her. I’ve only tasted myself…I’m so curious.  I’m going to take off her panties. You’re going to take off mine and put your fingers inside me. And then put them in your mouth.

SBW: I’ll lay her down and be on all fours between her spread legs. I’m going to lick her for the first time while you drive your cock into me. I want her knees up by her ears so I can lick her from her ass to her clit.

Marty: You want to rim her don’t you

SBW: I do.

SBW: Then it will be time for her to taste me on your cock. I want to watch her lick me off of your dick. Do you want to fuck her? While I sit on her face?

Marty: Perhaps I just might.

SBW:  I want you to fuck her. I’m turned around so I can look you in the eye while you fuck her. Don’t you dare cum in her!.

Marty: While you’re on her face I’ll withdraw and put my cock in your mouth.

SBW: Good, I’ve missed your cock.

Marty: Then you can taste her as I cum down your throat

SBW: I‘m going to cum while she’s eating my ass and I’m gulping down your cock.

Whew  that was very hot … there was a bit of a break and then later that evening she said:

SBW: I said some kind of fucked up kinky sex stuff

I, of course, reassured her that her words and thoughts were no such thing. They were a fantasy. A very hot one, too.

Previously we had had some discussion on the likelihood of a female trainer she sometimes uses as a part of our potential 3some. It really wasn’t going anywhere because SBW (despite her active mind!) tends to be a little timid in person.

But Marty isn’t quite as shy. I think I may have found the perfect 3rd. My … ahem … Rolodex has the just the one. Her name is Amor Rose.


For Blog Pic

Small firm tits, 32C, deliciously fit (she’s a half marathoner), and very, very beautiful, with long dark hair. Late 30s. Her nipples are outstanding, large, projecting, and dark chocolate colored. SBW will love her. And Amor Rose will love SBW. And Marty? Why he gets to make everyone happy. A win-win-win.

And let’s do it in Paris. Because that would be le glaçage sur le gateau.






Midweek Fantasizing [VIII] – The Finish

I answer the door holding my breath. The wait all morning has been almost unbearably long. You are visiting on your lunch hour.

We kiss at the door, then stride to the bed together. I lie on the bed as you come around and continue kissing and fondling me. I have my hands all over your luscious body and then take firm control of your heavy, heaving breasts.

As you stand next to the bed, you slide off my jeans then grab hold of my hardening cock as it slips through the opening in my boxers. A small gasp-grunt escapes my lips while you kiss me fiercely.  Then with a deft move of your left hand you pull the boxers down to my knees. I complete the task, then remove my shirt. I lie displayed in front of you.

Before I know it my hard cock is in your mouth and your lips are caressing it’s length, top to bottom. Bottom to top. You pump my cock like you mean it; your tongue rolls around the shaft, the head, you lick like a panting dog in the summer. I arch into your mouth in an unwitting aid to have you gobble my length. In no time you have me in a frenzy I can’t control. But you can. As your hand fondles my balls you steal a glance at my face. I am practically drowning as the suction through your lips pulls the soul of my need into the cool olive pool of your eyes.

Your grip becomes firmer, your pace intensifies. I want only to give you my release. I cry to finish. I crave completion. The tight palm of you hand twists the shaft as you inhale all I can give. You have had me orgasm five times in the past 16 hours, the last time five hours ago just before you left for work. For an antique I have done well. Vintage Ferraris can still perform impeccably. They have been built to amaze. It’s in their DNA.

I yearn to empty into your mouth, but I can not. I can feel the semen rush to the gate, but the path seems barricaded. It is as if an internal battering ram smashes relentlessly at the exit, demanding freedom. But the door is barred, my glory imprisoned.

My frustration has reached its limits. My cock exits your startled mouth as I rise from the bed. As we stand facing each other I gesture for you to remove your remaining clothes. I need to see your stunning figure in all its glory. While you strip I turn and grab a pillow from the bed, tossing it to the floor between us.

I love the look of pure lust in your eyes as you look at me and slowly kneel on the pillow. Still tempting me with your eyes your right hand slides around my stiff, eager cock and slides it between your moving lips. I hear you gently sigh. I respond with moans of my own. My hands grasp your hair.  The sight of you kneeling before me, taking me all in, the feel as you speed up your motions sends me, finally, over the edge.

“Baby! Baby!” I gasp

I finish.

Your lunch break is over.





Midweek Fantasizing [VI] – Fireflies


I day dreamed this yesterday

We walk into the hotel room. Though we are both tired from the long day, the fatigue does not dull our sense of excitement. It has been several weeks since we have seen and held each other, and we crave reconnection.

As we tenderly kiss, our hands instinctively roam the other’s body. I hear, and feel her sighing, reflecting the day’s travel weariness yet simultaneously being uplifted by the pleasure of being held and touched, and anticipation for what will surely follow.

I walk her across the room to the floor to ceiling window, curtains open, overlooking a stunning cavalcade of bright lights many stories below, 200 yards in the distance. She gasps at the miracle sight surrounded by and within the illumination.  From the darkness of our room it’s as if a hundred million fireflies announce the celebration of our reunion.

Facing the window, Cassandra slowly undresses, until finally naked, she moves to the window and presses herself against it. Warm flesh meets glass chilled by bitter late night autumn air. Nipples on heavy breasts are quick to point then harden as they are pinned to the cold pane.

She turns her beautiful face to the side to look at me. She smiles broadly.

“This is so amazing to behold” she whispers.

Transfixed by her beauty I can only look at her and say in return “Yes, it surely is.”

Sea Waves [VI] – Words and Scenes

I apologize to you, my poor readers. This has been so drawn out. The truth is that I have been so overwhelmed with everything that happened over those three days that I have not been able to organize, prioritize, and itemize all that transpired. And so I have given up!

Rather I have decided to give you a stream of consciousness view of my memory from that incredible meeting.  These thoughts will bear no relation to order of time, nor impact.

In case you have forgotten here are the preludes leading up to Cassandra’s visit Sea Waves [I]  Sea Waves [IISea Waves [III]   Sea Waves [IV] and  Sea Waves [V]

Here goes:

Initial kissing and cuddling. Hands touching, squeezing, caressing. Bodies writhing. Clothing discarded. Naked closeness. No time for breathing. Massage. Wonderful taste as lips, tongue, mouth, and fingers meet pussy.  Sighs and coos. Arches, moans, more, time stands still.

Legs spread, draped over shoulders as lips touch, eyes meet and love is made.

French bistro lunch.  Worlds meet. Time fades. Orgasms, loud, will they hear next door?, touching, more touching, touching for hours, Greek dinner, mouth in a perfect O , part “oh” part gasp, part grunt; hours and hours of continuous orgasms, insatiability, begging, hand around slender neck, kneeling on the edge of the bed hands held behind her back, cock thrusting, watching reflection in picture over the bed, cupping pussy, fingers deep, hand so deep, gagging on cock, coma, eyes rolled back, wanting more, nodding yes, too weak to talk but still wanting more …

I will leave you with this scene. It was our last time in bed together, from mid morning to early afternoon.

“Baby, are you alright?”

She lay there. On her back, eyes wide, chin drooping. About 30 seconds later, her face turned to me and she softly whispered …

“What Baby? What did you say?”

At that exact moment, I knew she would never forget me. Even should she never remember the state her mind was in half a minute before, I knew she would never forget this. Though her cognizant mind may have been absent for a tiny block of time, her subconscious had totally absorbed all that was happening and had happened. Her total being was caught up in the sensations she had been experiencing for the past 3 1/2 hours. Her pleasure zones were close to overloading. They had even now overwhelmed her state of consciousness.

I have been with many women. And most loved sex. Many craved a lot of sex. But Cassandra is different. Very different. What exactly does “sexually insatiable” mean anyway? I now understand. Now I have seen it. Over 3 days we had several multi-hour sessions in bed. With my cock, with my mouth, with my hand, with my fingers, with my touch, with my voice, with her vibrator she orgasmed above me, beside me, and under me. I watched her ever so closely, her beautiful face contorting. I pressed closely as she writhed and arched, felt her body as she first shuddered, then shook, then quaked as the outbound energy roar surged through her entire body. Then the gush. Only to leave her whimpering and utterly spent.

For a few seconds only … as the force regathered and began its rush to another climax. This to be repeated for hours, the onslaught broken only by a few minutes of tender after care. My whispers, my touch, my hand cupping her tender pussy until I start with my fingers again.

“Can you cum again for me, Baby?”

Her eyelids heavy, she has strength only to nod slightly. And the tide rolls in, the waves begin to crash from within her again. . . and another hour of pleasuring begins…

“OHHHHH … OHHhhh … Ohhhhh … ohhhhh.”






A Weekend at the Cottage

dockOne summer I was still with Marcie, I rented a small cottage on a pristine, quiet lake. It was a hot, dry summer, and the weekends were most memorable.

Right at this moment, one Saturday night of a particular weekend springs to mind. We had driven out from the city on Friday night, and both of us were tired and cranky from the traffic-filled drive, which was on top of a miserable week at the office. That night there was time and inclination for only a drink or two, some dinner, and a blow job and quick fucking.

After some lovely morning sex we spent the rest of the morning in town doing errands and some shopping. Then early afternoon was some pleasant sunbathing on the dock accompanied by the requisite sampling of international brews. Marcie was an expert on hops and yeast varieties used in European beers and ales, and was always sampling several. And then we talked of our upcoming evening barbecue with the neighbors next door. The neighbors were providing the steaks, while we provisioned the wines and imported beers.

The evening next door went well. The steaks were well marbled, juicy and perfectly grilled. The conversation sometimes sparkled.  Marcie was well into her 7th or 8th libation  and I could tell she was getting into that state. We were sitting comfortably in painted Adirondack chairs. As the host and hostess attended to something in the kitchen, I lightly rubbed Marcie’s wrist on the chair arm beside mine. She turned her head and smiled.

“You will be totally dominated tonight my Love” I whispered. “We’ll leave shortly”.

Call it wishful thinking if you want, but I was certain I could feel her pulse quicken as she looked into my eyes and sweetly sighed.

Not too long later we bid our hosts good evening and walked the short bit to our cottage. Straight upstairs to the master bedroom, with Marcie shedding clothing as she wobbily ascended the stairs, until she was completely naked at the bedroom door.

“In front of the mirror … kneel!”  I ordered. As Marcie dropped to her knees I went and turned on the bedside light so I could watch her. She was kneeling on a small carpet (placed there for just that purpose) in front of a full length mirror on the wall. Marcie knew  I wanted her reflection sideways in the mirror. I came back and stood in front of her. Looking up into my eyes, she slowly undid my belt and pulled down my khaki shorts and underwear and began to take me deep into her mouth. She slurped with vigor. I watched her work from both directions … from above, and a side view through the mirror. I find a blowjob is always more erotic when felt, listened to, and viewed from multiple angles.

After about 5 minutes, though the alcohol had probably blunted my need to cum,  I could feel an orgasm approaching. But I had other plans.   I quickly grabbed her by her shoulder length tawny hair and guided her to kneel beside the bed, face on the duvet. Then I pulled out her favorite pair of cuffs from the drawer of the bedside stand and shackled her hands behind her.

“Get up on the bed”, I sternly said.

“Yes, Marty”, she eagerly replied and pulled herself onto her side.

I climbed in beside her and kissed her first gently, then with more passion. I knew her cunt was dripping wet by this time, so there was no need and no inclination for foreplay. I began fucking her hard. She arched with each of my thrusts with her arms pinned behind her. She came once, twice, and then a third time, grunting more fiercely with each new orgasm.

As I felt myself again nearing completion I quickly pulled out of her pussy.  I moved up on Marcie’s face and stuck my cock into her waiting mouth.

“Taste it … taste me … taste us” I blurted.  Then as the pressure became unsustainable for me, I grabbed her hair tightly with one hand, and my cock with the other.  I pumped my cock once, then again and splurted hard all across her face and hair. I pumped some more and a second and third stream cascaded on to her face.

As I lay there panting and Marcie licked and sucked me clean, I knew sleep was not far away. I crawled back down and held her as she softly whimpered.

“Good girl” I whispered. “That was oh so very intense!”

We both fell asleep immediately, Marcie still cuffed and dripping with my semen.  Sometime later (a few hours?) I did wake up and removed Marcie’s cuffs. But the white crusts of ownership would stay until our morning shower.



It’s Nice When They Appreciate (II)




Read Part I here

After I exploded in Marcie’s mouth, she wasn’t done. Not by a long shot. I still had my hands in her hair as her bobbing head slowed, and the suction on my cock eased. Her tongue ran up the length of my cock and around it, cleaning it totally, pressing her tongue on my throbbing head. The continuing sensation was indescribable. And unbearable, too. Marcie knew that as she began to slowly suck again. She was watching me hyperventilate and enjoying the pleasant torture she was putting me through.

“Go … take … your … shower”, I pleaded.

” I want to make sure you are hard when I come back”, she countered with an eye wink.

“Go!” I rasped out.

Her mouth released my cock, and she slid off the bed. A few seconds later I heard the shower start. I considered joining her. But I must have drifted off to sleep, because when I next was awake I could feel Marcie’s naked body snuggling up into mine.

“Mmmmm” I mumbled. At the same time I felt her hand reach down for my member. It was still hard and she began gently stroking me.

“Get up here”, I ordered as I put my hands under her armpits and pulled her up towards my face. Up she came and eased her pussy above my mouth. I lifted my tongue and began tickling her slit with it. Mmmmm. Delicious. Then I applied more pressure and moved my tongue inside and around. Marcie began softly moaning. Then she put her hands on the headboard and looked down at me smiling as I eagerly began to eat her pussy. This girl was  always quick with her orgasms, and tonight was not going to be any different. One quickly … then another … a third before she had recovered from the second. Marcie’s head was thrown back, and her moving pelvis rocked the bed. One of my hands moved up and cupped a breast. I roughly fondled it and squeezed the nipple between my fingers. All the while increasing the tempo of my licking and sucking and the pressure of my exploring tongue.

Marcie was never a quiet one. We made a good pair that way, because neither am I. Her moans became gasps which rapidly begat cries which morphed into pleas to stop. She must have cum a dozen shaking times by this point.

“Please. Please. Please Marty. I need to suck your cock … again. Please. Stop! Please” she begged. “I. Want. To. Suck. Your. Cock”

And with that she climbed down and slid down to my waist. As her mouth engulfed my cock once again, I knew very well, I had a good thing here. The more I realized it,  the harder I got. And the more I came.

I knew in the morning I would get my early fuck and two rounds of head. But this night as I nodded off to sleep smiling, I also knew it was time for Marcie and I to pick things up a notch in the near future.